Coast Spas Group of Companies CEO and President Don Elkington has completed his term as vice chair for Arthritis Research Canada. Elkington’s involvement with ARC dates back to the organization’s very beginning in 1999. He was instrumental in visioning the creation of an arthritis research center to conduct innovative research by finding new and practical solutions to save and improve the lives of those with arthritis.

As a successful business leader, Elkington’s business acumen has been an invaluable asset to Arthritis Research Canada. Serving nearly 20 years in varying volunteer capacities and, most notably, as vice chair of the board, Elkington’s leadership, commitment and philanthropic support has been integral to ARC’s growth and evolution. ARC is honored to thank and pay tribute to his vast number of contributions: initiating the Slurp ‘n Swirl event with Joe Fortes restaurant, working with arthritis patients to create the first-ever Wellness Spa and reaching out to friends in the entertainment industry to help build awareness of the need for arthritis research.

Elkington has continually challenged the status quo and inspired the Arthritis Research Canada team to be their best and then do better. His influence and impact is evident in the world-class arthritis research facility that exists today. While he may be completing his board role, he will stay close and continue to be an incredible champion for ARC.

“In one way or another, arthritis touches us all. Yet, arthritis continues to be an invisible disease and, in some cases, a silent killer,” says Elkington. “Every day the world-class team of scientists at Arthritis Research Canada works on research that matters to you and me — finding answers and saving lives. I’m honored to help make arthritis research a priority."