NSPF welcomes four new members to its board of directors: Troy Franzen, Karl Frykman, Captain Julie Gilchrist and Clark Hale.

“As our family grows, so, too, does our support from leaders and visionaries to guide our future,” says NSPF Chairman of the Board Bruce Dunn. “It is with great pride that we welcome these four leaders to the NSPF board of directors.”

Troy Franzen has served as managing director of Zodiac Pool Systems since January 2012. Franzen joined Zodiac as executive vice president of sales and marketing in 2010 after spending 22 years with Black & Decker. He oversees the Americas, including Canada and Mexico, for Cover Pools and Grand Effects Fire and Water Features.

Karl Frykman was named Pentair’s senior vice president of water in 2017. Frykman previously served as president of Pentair's water quality systems global business unit and aquatic systems business, both of which are now part of Pentair Water.

Captain Julie Gilchrist is a pediatrician and medical epidemiologist who recently retired from the Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention at the CDC. Gilchrist is a world-leading expert on drowning prevention, water safety promotion, sports and recreation-related injury prevention and other issues that primarily affect children, including choking, suffocation, ingestions and playground injuries.

Clark Hale of Hayward Industries maintains a 25-year portfolio of executive experience with companies such as Brooks Instrument, Victaulic Company and Emerson Electric. Now serving with Hayward at its Elizabeth, N.J., headquarters, he oversees the global business operations of the company's line of residential and commercial pools and spa products.

“Our future is brighter with leaders like these taking the helm to guide our direction,” says Thomas Lachocki, NSPF CEO.