NSPF honored its instructors for their performance over the past year with an award ceremony at the 14th Annual World Aquatic Health Conference in Denver, Colo. Representatives from NSPF presented the awards during the International Instructor Update Meeting.

“It is the efforts of NSPF instructors that allow us to work towards our mission,” says Michelle Kavanaugh, mission development director. “All instructors contribute to the betterment of the industry by educating those that can prevent bad things from happening in public and backyard pools. The instructors honored this year represent those that have excelled in their respective areas.”

Instructor Awards:

Enduring Instructors are those recognized for delivering the most consecutive years of outstanding instruction. Recipients are:
    •    Kurt Carmen (Aquatic Council), who has been an active NSPF Instructor for 32 years and has certified 8,889 students.

    •    Gilbert Daws (Gil Dawes & Associates), who also instructed for 32 years with 4,173 students certified.

Exceptional NSPF Instructors are individuals who have demonstrated teaching methods and student support at an exceptional level. Recipients are:
    •    Rudy Stankowitz | Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants

    •    Rick Stewart | Pool Training Academy

    •    Wayne Ivusichof | Taylor Technologies

Individual Awards:

Most Certified Individuals in their First Year as an Instructor
    •    Katrina Campbell | Pool Operation Management

    •    Michael Piciulo | Pool Operator Training

    •    Jeffrey Kopp | Horizon Commercial Pool Supply

Most Certified Individuals in their Second Year as an Instructor
    •    Jordan DiGuardi | Pool Operation Management

    •    Brian Goldojarb | HD Supply Facilities Maintenance

    •    John Donovan | NV Pools

Most Certified Individuals by an Instructor in the Last Year
    •    Timothy Auerhahn | Aquatic Council

    •    Steve Scheuer | Certified Pool Trainers

    •    Robert Freligh | Nationwide Aquatic Consulting

Biggest Supporter of Pool Operator Primer
    •    Terry Hommel and Richard Deyo (both of Ecolab) together certified a total of 190 students

Most Students Certified in the Spanish Language in the United States
    •    José Miguel Torres | Paraiso Pools

    •    Josep Vecian | Hines Pool & Spa

Most Students Certified in the Spanish Language International (Outside of the United States)
    •    Hugo Diaz | Area de Piscina

Most Certified Individuals in French
    •    Jean-Pierre Lajoie | Distributions ASI

Company Awards:

Most Certified Individuals by a Company
    •    Leslie’s Poolmart | 2,005 students certified

    •    Pool Operation Management | 1,683 students certified

Most Certified Individuals by a Company Internationally
    •    Alberta Health Services | 486 students certified

    •    The City of Ottawa | 239 students certified

Most Students Certified in the Spanish Language by a Company
    •    Asociación de Profesionales de la Piscina (Mexico) | 300 students certified