It's a good time to be a hot tub retailer. Not only is there increasing evidence to support the vessel's tie to better health, marking the rise of what we call the Hot Tub Health Movement, but sales are stronger than they've been in years. According to Pkdata, the hot tub industry has seen consecutive growth for four years now — including two back-to-back years of double-digit growth.

It certainly helps that today's spa manufacturers offer a wide breadth of offerings to ensure customers in all budget categories can find a tub to meet their needs. Whatever they're looking for — acrylic, rotomold, lounges, swim spas, cover systems and, of course, luxurious jets — there's truly something for everyone. Take a look at just some of the options below.

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The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 670 is a six-person hot tub with a comfortable, never-float lounger that can accommodate a wide range of heights, while its corner seats deliver a variety of targeted neck, back, wrist and calf hydromassage options. The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 670 spa also includes the company's exclusive Self-Cleaning technology. | (800) 465-2933



McEwen Industries
The future is here with McEwen Industries' new Fun & Fitness Spa. This spa is a combination of a swim spa and a large portable spa, and was designed so users can work on exercise routines like rowing or swimming while providing seating for 12 people at the same time. | (704) 365-8070



Caldera Spas
Caldera Spas boasts a unique balance of comfort, design and performance while delivering a transformational experience that invigorates, inspires and renews, the company says. Caldera spas are engineered for exceptional quality, easy use and high energy efficiency, so you and your customers can relax with confidence. | (800) 669-1881



Master Spas
Master Spas introduces Getaway Hot Tubs, an all-new hot tub line that is affordable and requires no special electrical work, plumbing or equipment for installation. The spacious hot tubs include models that feature EcoPur Charge water purification system, Bluetooth Sound System, LED Lighting, a cascading waterfall and up to 40 spa jets for ultimate relaxation and therapy. | (260) 436-9100



Bullfrog Spas
As a complement to its industry-changing spa lineup, Bullfrog Spas has introduced the world's first virtual reality spa showroom experience for retailers. Customers can either explore a Bullfrog Spa in 360 degrees with the help of a virtual guide or design their own virtual 3-D spa with an interactive spa design experience. The Bullfrog Spas Virtual Reality Showroom Experience makes visiting your local showroom both fun and informational. | (801) 565-8111



Premium Leisure
The PR881 has three therapy pumps, a circulation pump, 81 jets and seats six to seven people so everyone gets special treatment. Standard features include deluxe LED lighting, multiple water features, touch-screen controls with Wi-Fi and an integrated stereo system. | (877) BEST-SPA



Freeflow Spas
Looking for a way to attract more shoppers? Freeflow's line of plug-n-play spas is strategically priced and marketed in order to start more conversations, drive more leads, increase showroom traffic and ultimately create more hot tubbers. Made by Watkins Wellness, you can be assured you're providing your shoppers with one of the best entry-level hot tubs around. | (888) 961-7727



Founded upon your favorite SUNDANCE Spas elements and laced with design and style, the 980 SERIES will change the way you use your spa. A yacht-inspired lounge deck offers more ways to socialize and stores cold beverages within arm's reach. These spas also offer easy entry without reduced soaking depth, an advanced SUNTOUCH glass control panel and SUNSMART Wi-Fi compatibility to help your customers focus on making memories. Available in both lounge and non-lounge models. | (800) 883-7727



Strong Spas
The innovative new ELEMENTS Spa Series features automotive-grade finishes that lend a sleek silhouette and a desirable designer look. Outfitted with the patented DURA-SHIELD HardCover system, Strong's ELEMENTS models boast interior cover lift technology, hiding all cover lift assist mechanics from view. DURA-SHIELD is also available on Strong Spas' Premium Series acrylic spas, Summit Plus Series acrylic spas and Durasport Series rotationally-molded spas. | | (800) STRONG-9



Marquis Spas
In the V84L, five people can easily find their perfect seat, including the Commander's Lounge, which provides head-to-toe relief. The model also includes 35 Jetpods and the thundering Whitewater-4 jet with four V3 Controls to ensure your customers get the relaxation they require. | (800) 275-0888



Hot Spring
The Hot Spring Highlife NXT models were designed in partnership with Designworks, a BMW Group Company. The visual impact of the NXT design is striking: The profile produces a unique floating effect that results in a much sleeker spa. A creatively recessed base pan and architectural corners work together to produce a contemporary look — like a piece of high-end furniture — that truly stands out. | (800) 999-4688



Royal Spa Manufacturing
Royal's hybrid line of hot tubs features an optimal combination of technology, innovation and common sense. After consulting with physicians, Royal modified its Hybrid models for enhanced therapeutic benefits, making it an ideal choice for those with chronic pain and specific hydrotherapy needs. | (800) 541-1248



Passion Spas
Passion Spas offers an extensive lineup of saunas and swim spas that are shipped from its location in Michigan. Passion Spas is known for contemporary designs, innovative massage features, energy efficiency, and exceptional value. The Euphoria is a five-person spa that features the exclusive Levitation Bed, the only full body spa massage available. | (855) 355-3088



Artesian Spas
Artesian Spas has seamlessly integrated its world-class exercise pool with a hydrotherapy spa to create the Dual Temp FitSpas, which are part of the Tidalfit line. Your customers can choose the spa size and features that best fit their needs while enjoying a separate pool with the temperature maintained independently of the spa. Can be installed aboveground or semi-inground. | (800) 817-7727



Fabcote is pleased to offer its Sunmate spa in both round and square shapes with the option of 12 or 25 jets. Spas are 34 inches deep and 85 inches wide with dual adjustable air controls, 360-degree vortex skimmer, built-in filtration and a diverter valve for whirlpool action. They feature an interior embossed wave detail in either white or gray plus a spillover waterfall option. | (800) 815-6083



The stunning J-500 COLLECTION combines revolutionary design and legendary performance. Each model features an industry-first glass touchscreen control and monitoring app and the greatest massage variety available in any JACUZZI Hot Tub collection. With a unique curve design and an exterior inspired from woven textiles and outer architectural lighting, it makes a statement. Available in lounge and non-lounge models. | (866) 234-7727



Fantasy Spas
Fantasy Spas' entry level, plug-in hot tubs are perfectly designed to complete your pricing ladder and offer you a solution that drives incremental business. Fantasy models range in size and price from the two-person Aspire to the five-person Entice with a built-in ice bucket. Made by Watkins Wellness. | (888) 961-7727



Signature Spas
The NS-5 models offer seating for five with a comfortable lounge seat. The same model can be customized with your choice of electrical and pump configurations. All Signature Spas include Signature's patent-pending Hydro-Therm Heat Regeneration System, offered with a full range of massage jets for deep relaxation and powerful revitalization. | (407) 732-7909



Saratoga Spa Company
The Saratoga Spa Company is excited to introduce the R45 Limited. The R45 Limited is part of the popular Special Edition Line-Up offered by Saratoga Spa. It measures 84 by 90 by 38 inches and features six seats, 53 therapy jets, two 195 GPM jet pumps, a CD ozone unit and the Saratoga LED Lighting System, which includes external LED corners. It will be available in three MultiWeather Shiplap Cabinet Colors and six TriLayer Acrylic Shell colors. | (800) 444- 9977



Dynasty Spas
Dynasty Spas announces the all-new 13-foot Party/Swim. This spa is an all-of-the-above combination of a party, swim and a large portable spa, and is designed so users can exercise, relax or party with up to 11 people. Features include Bluetooth audio, Illuminated jets and Viper pumps. | (800) 951-6224



Tuff Spas
Tuff Spas is excited to introduce the new Tuff Camo Spa, the world's first and only rotomolded camouflage hot tub. The camouflage graphic is made from a polyethylene print that is molded into the spa material during manufacturing and will never fade, crack, peel or deteriorate and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Tuff Camo Spas also offer dealers a chance to gain new business by selling at fresh venues such as camping, hunting and outdoor shows and events. | (866) 939-0851



PDC Spas
The redesigned Luxury Series by PDC Spas delivers performance and style in five unique models featuring sleek, digital touchscreen control, LED lighting, cascading waterspouts and Accenture two-tone cabinet design. The new, five-seat Malibu includes a sculpted lounge, 40 air jets, 57 adjustable therapy jets, pressure-side filtration and a powerful 10-hp system. Made in the U.S. and backed by a 35-year warranty, every spa is built with lasting quality you can trust. | (800) 451-1420



Cal Spas
The Commander F-1681 features therapy- and bench-style seating with the Cal Spas Exclusive Vertical Hydrossage station. Fifty-four Hydro-Pro Rain Jets provide a full body massage and help improve blood circulation to soothe sore muscles. The swim system features two River Jets on top, which provide smooth upper body resistance, while the lower two Old Faithful jets provide added resistance and lift. Over 11 feet of unrestricted fitness area allows for intense treadmill swimming sessions. Fits up to 12. | (800) CAL-SPAS



Four Winds Spas
The Caribbean III by Four Winds Spas will confidently rival the best in the industry, the company says. Equipped with Balboa touchscreen control system, three 5-hp pumps, 85 jets and 100 square feet of filtration, its performance is superior all round, the company says. Loaded with extras, the Caribbean III is comfortable, stylish and timeless. A premium 3- to 5-inch cover, elite cabinets and a state-of-the art insulation package are included to make sure the spa is sensational from top to bottom. | (615) 220-8879



Medallion Pools
The Medallion FunTub II is a versatile spa that can be installed inground, above ground, or partially inground. Bench seating all the way around allows for plenty of room to relax with friends and family. Models are available in 7- and and 8-foot diameters. If your customers are looking for a spa to put next to the pool or sink in a deck, this spa is ideal. | (804) 526-7665



Aspen Spas
St. Louis-based Aspen Spas introduces the Pioneer hot tub. This model is formerly known as the GL4 from Great Lakes/Emerald, but with 21st-century styling, improved jetting and built with the quality associated with Aspen Spas. Perfect for smaller areas or those looking for a quaint two-seat hot tub, the Pioneer will be available in 110v and 220v versions and can be equipped with up to 25 jets. | (314) 776-5050



Catalina Spas
The Neptune Premium features seating for six including one lounger, a wide variety of jets, LED lighting features above and below the water and water features all designed to enhance the user's overall relaxation. | (407) 732-7909



Nordic Hot Tubs
Nordic Hot Tubs offers stainless steel banding on all round models, providing a modern twist on the original hot tub design. Manufactured in five distinct series, each series has special features and options, making them easy to understand and sell. Additionally, Nordic offers six plug-and-play models and 11 convertible models. Proudly made in the U.S. | (888) GET-TUBS