Time is running out to enter our Filthiest Filter Contest! Submissions close Sunday, Dec. 16, at midnight.

Each day, thousands of you venture off to service the pools and spas on your route. Most of the time, things go well; you might have a stubborn repair here and there, but otherwise, it’s business as usual.

But then it happens. You take a peek at the filter and find a nightmare: Filth and debris unlike you’ve ever seen before. A sight so terrible, you have to take a picture — because some things need to be seen to be believed.

Everyone has their war story of the nasty, fowl filters they’ve faced. In honor of that awful, yet all-too-common part of the job, we’re launching a brand-new contest: the Filthiest Filter Contest.

To enter, just fill out this quick form and attach a photo of your filthy filters, pump strainers and skimmer baskets. We'll share the "best" (or "worst," depending on how you look at it) in a future issue, and award a prize to the truly filthiest filter.

The deadline is Dec. 16. Submit your entry below:

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