When considering shell types, fiberglass is truly coming into its own — according to research by P.K. Data, fiberglass sales have doubled since 2006. It's impressive growth aided both by advances in fiberglass technology and greater consumer awareness of the product; for customers who want a pool without the pain of weeks- or months-long construction, fiberglass is a great solution.

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And unlike the limited choices of the past, today's fiberglass pools are available in myriad shapes and sizes, and often include today's most sought-after features like sun shelves and attached spas. Here, we take a look at just some of the new and popular models on the market:



Barrier Reef
Go from ordinary to extraordinary with a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool. Barrier Reef pools are available in seven different colors — each topped with Barrier Reef's Shimmer Finish gel coat for extra sparkle — and a wide array of shapes and configurations, including freeform, rectangular, kidney and oval. Models can come equipped with lounge areas as well as pool/spa combinations. Can be installed in as little as a week.
brpoolsusa.com | (888) 457-6657



Sun Fiberglass Products
Sun Fiberglass Products has been handcrafting fiberglass pools since 1995. The pools feature more than 40 designs in four color finishes, built-in steps, seating areas and a textured floor. The handcrafted quality comes with a limited lifetime structural warranty and good old-fashioned customer service.

sunpools.com | (800) 764-7946



River Pools
Long considered to be thought leaders in the fiberglass pool space, River Pools is now a firmly established manufacturer of fiberglass pools with a substantial selection of models. If you're looking for more qualified leads, River Pools can help. If you're looking for consistency and integrity, River Pools' track record speaks for itself, the company says. Reach out soon before the company reaches its 2018 dealer quota.
riverpoolsandspas.com | (888) 358-7669



Alaglas Pools
Alaglas Pools' vision is to set the industry standard for fiberglass quality with its full line of high-quality models. Each model is quipped with AQUALUXE technology, a stunning, durable finish that provides longevity and protects against fading, blistering, yellowing and other effects from long-term UV exposure. Alaglas offers more than 20 models to choose from, each backed by a 50-year warranty. Made in the U.S.
alaglas.com | (877) 655-7179



Viking Fiberglass Pools
This year, Viking introduced a new feature-rich, auto cover-ready rectangular fiberglass pool: the Viking Majesty. This mid-size 14-by-30-foot model includes a large curved tanning ledge, two corner benches and a convenience ledge throughout the pool. The Viking Majesty is custom-built to easily accommodate an automatic safety cover system, making installation quick and easy. Viking is stocking the Majesty at all locations, offering unmatched scale and market access that significantly reduces freight costs, giving you the competitive edge.
lathampool.com/vikingpools | (800) VKG-POOL



Leisure Pools and Spas
Leisure Pools and Spas is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of top-quality, inground fiberglass swimming pools. Made with its patented Composite Armour technology, Leisure has delivered more than 50,000 pools worldwide and offers a lifetime structural warranty as well as a lifetime structural osmosis warranty. Leisure offers 20 pool designs in 50 sizes, ensuring there's something for everyone.
leisurepoolsUSA.com | (855) 85-SPLASH



San Juan Pools
Since its inception in 1958, San Juan Pools has prided itself on producing beautiful, high-quality fiberglass pools. With that in mind, the company announces the new Crystal Beach fiberglass model, a pool/spa combination that makes it easy to provide a comprehensive backyard experience for a mid-range budget. It measures 17 feet long and nearly 14 feet wide. Dealership opportunities available.
sanjuanpools.com | (800) 535-7946



Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools has developed the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System, a tool designed to protect fiberglass pool structures from the risks associated with hydrostatic pressure caused by ground water. The system is made up of two products: the patented Geo-Anchor Pool Wall and the patent-pending Geo-Hydro Valve. Together, the two products provide the only solution that allows a fiberglass pool to be drained safely and still maintain a valid structural warranty.

thursdaypools.com | (877) 929-7665