When renovating a pool, every product selection you make matters. From pool paints and coatings to decking and coping, your choices make an impact in aesthetics, safety and, most importantly for your customer's wallet, longevity. Here, we take a look at just some of the products in the renovation category.

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SGM's Spray Deck System, combined with unique pattern-stamping templates, can permanently imprint newly placed concrete with authentic textures to match architectural features or blend into the landscape. The finish can last the lifetime of the concrete and is durable, sanitary and easy to maintain. Besides adding years of life to concrete, Spray Deck Decorative Concrete Finish is slip resistant and comfortable for bare feet. The Spray Deck System is available in two formulas: One-Step Spray Deck and Southcrete Spray Deck, a two-part resinated deck system.
sgm.cc | (800) 641-9247



Pools and other aquatic fixtures demand a superior epoxy that creates a tough, long-lasting finish. RAMUC's EP Hi-Build Epoxy protects and beautifies any concrete, plaster and fiberglass/gelcoat surfaces. This two-part epoxy is self-priming, rolls easily and renders smoothing qualities on rough surfaces, making it a cost-efficient alternative to plastering. With up to eight years' service life, the need to recoat frequently is reduced and there is more time for enjoyment. Blend it with Skid-Tex Additive to create a slip-free surface. VOC compliant in the U.S. and Canada. Available in multiple colors.

ramucpoolpaint.com | (800) 745-6756



DECK-O-GRIP is a non-yellowing, acrylic-based, high-solids, transparent, easy-to- apply liquid cure and seal. DECK-O-GRIP provides a clear, flexible and durable abrasion- and stain-resistant protective film that also offers improved resistance to most of today's common pool chemicals. It is specifically designed to retain and enhance the appearance of colored concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces for years to come. The compound contains a slip-resistant additive, which establishes an easy-to-clean, non-slip surface for traditionally slippery areas.
deckoseal.com | (800) 542-POOL



Sider-Proof FF-PR is a cement-based swimming pool plaster and resurfacing coating for plaster, concrete and ICF pools. It is packaged as a kit; just apply with a standard paint roller and smooth with a MagicTrowel. It's suitable for pools, spas, chlorine pools and saltwater pools in both residential or commercial applications. The coating can also be used to waterproof waterfalls, fountains and concrete ponds. This product is not a pool paint but a true cement-based plaster and resurfacing coating, the company says.
sider-crete.com | (888) 743-3750



Kelley Technical Coatings
Olympic Zeron epoxy pool coating is a long-lasting finish that provides up to eight years of service from just a single one-coat application. Zeron has proven to be an effective long-range protection option for swimming pool surfaces. Zeron cures to a very hard, non-porous finish that is not sensitive to pool chemicals, pH imbalance and automatic pool cleaners. Its ceramic-like qualities create a fresh, beautiful appearance that is extremely durable and easy to clean. Zeron is an economical alternative to re-plastering, and a perfect choice for fiberglass.
kelleytech.com | (800) 458-2842



The Graniflex Coating System is a decorative, high-strength concrete resurfacing system that creates the look of granite or quartz flooring on any surface. Highly crack resistant, Graniflex creates a nonslip surface ideal for pool decks. Available in thousands of permanent, colorful chip/quartz combinations. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
graniflex.com | (877)-743-9732



Upgrade the beauty of any pool with GraniGrate Stone Pool Grating. GraniGrate is ideal for high-end residential, hotel, country club or fitness club pools. Can be top-mounted or flush-mounted and is available in a variety of styles and colors to match backyard décor. Can be custom ordered to fit any pool gutter, or used simply as an accent edge for a skimmer type pool. Made in the U.S.
poolequip.com | (800) 287-1588



RenoSys RecDeck PVC flooring is designed to encapsulate, make slip-resistant and waterproof any deck area. Constructed of a thick, reinforced PVC membrane, RecDeck is the ideal solution for common deck problems including cracking, flaking, delamination, spalling and peeling. Offers an aggressive slip-resistant texture and a superior anti-fungal formulation, making it ideal for pool decks. Available in light gray, dark gray and sand to match the latest in backyard décor. Made in the U.S.

renosys.com | (800) 783-7005



AquaGuard 5000
AquaGuard 5000's Super Epoxy is a chemical-resistant injectable or trowel-applied epoxy compound. Super Epoxy is abrasion resistant and adheres well to concrete and plastic — it won't sag on vertical surfaces. Can be used for installing rebar dowels and staples as well as ceramic tiles on fiberglass and concrete pools. Also ideal for concrete, fiberglass and plastic crack repairs, cracked skimmers, filters, pumps and boat repairs. Resists damage from chlorine, acid and saltwater. Ideal for both pools and spas.
aquaguard5000.com | (866) 485-0086



NPT presents a new, user-friendly app that allows homeowners and pool pros to easily search the NPT collection by size, type, name and color. The app, called NPT, highlights brands like QuartzScapes, StoneScapes and JewelScapes, among others. An excellent complement to NPT's catalogs and brochures, the NPT app allows consumers to pair their product selections and save them as favorites to share with their pool professional. Free download available from the App Store, Windows Store or Google Play.
nptpool.com | (888) 476-7665



PERMACOLOR Select is a high-performance cement grout that offers the industry's first dispersible dry pigment solution. PERMACOLOR Select is designed for virtually all types of residential and commercial installations and offers optimum performance on demanding exterior or interior applications. Easy-to-mix, grout and clean, PERMACOLOR Select is fast-setting and suitable for joints 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch wide on floors or walls. With PERMACOLOR Select AnyColor, Laticrete can color-match almost any color you can imagine.

laticrete.com |(800) 243-4788



Color Match Pool Fittings
The new Color Match 10-Inch Retrofit Pebble Top Drain Covers are perfect for new construction, renovations or to simply replace existing standard drain covers. The new design has a built-in universal riser ring with multiple screw holes to fit any existing 8-inch or 10-inch sump. Simply apply the matching plaster, aggregate or tile directly to the top of the drain cover for a perfect match. VGB-compliant for safety. Available in eight designer colors: white, bone, tan, light gray, dark gray, black, light blue and clear.
poolfittings.com | (623) 337-4120



Sawed Back veneer by Featherock is made from naturally lightweight pumice stone quarried in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Available in silver-gray or charcoal, the Sawed Back veneer complements any poolscape with its intriguing textures and unique appearance. Unlike manufactured stone veneer, Featherock is 100 percent natural stone — no two pieces are the same. Pumice stone will withstand weather, heat and cold, and will remain a conversation piece in the landscape for years to come. Can be easily cut and sculpted for custom applications.
featherock.com | (818) 882-0300



BEHR Granite Grip is an interior/exterior decorative floor coating that revives and rejuvenates concrete surfaces like pool decks, garage floors, driveways, porches, patios and walkways. The slip-resistant concrete coating provides a textured, durable, protective, multi-speckled finish and fills hairline cracks up to 1⁄8 inch. BEHR Granite Grip is also suitable as a drivable coating that resists hot tire pick-up, dirt, grease and household stains. BEHR Granite Grip is available in two pre-mixed and 16 custom colors, exclusively at The Home Depot stores nationwide.
behr.com/pro | (877) 776-3961



Cali Bamboo
Made of 60 percent reclaimed bamboo fiber and 40 percent recycled plastic, BamDeck is ultra durable and absorbs 90 percent less water. Planks have a sophisticated matte surface and come in both wide- and standard-width options. Ridges on one side create a non-slip surface and provide boundless pattern options. BamDeck is extra low-maintenance, easy to install and comes backed by a 20-year residential warranty. Visit the website for colors and options.
calibamboo.com | (888) 788-2254



Pebble Technology
Pebble Technology International launched its newest finish, PebbleBrilliance, last year. This innovative finish blends vibrant beads with natural stone aggregate. The stunning beauty of the glass beads creates an infusion of color delivering a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant water color. This distinctive blend offers long-lasting durability with a lavish texture. Fortified with proprietary additives providing a uniform composition, the line offers eight vivid colors, each of which incorporates the company's Shimmering Sea enhancement for added elegance.
pebbletec.com | (800) 937-5058



Fortress Deck
Fortress Deck's co-extruded composite decking is slip and splinter resistant, making it safe and barefoot friendly for the entire family. Every board is manufactured with anti-microbial properties, which ensures a hygienic surface. Protected by the Fortress Deck's revolutionary capping technology, every board is UV, mold and moisture resistant. The company's state-of-the-art products eliminate the upkeep of traditional lumber and offer a shield against scratches and stains.

fortressdeck.com | (844) 909-4999



Dyco Paints
Dyco POOL DECK concrete stain is specially formulated for use on concrete pool deck surfaces. POOL DECK delivers a tough, protective low-sheen finish for long lasting durability. Dyco POOL PAINT seals hairline cracks and delivers a protective finish on concrete, plaster and masonry pool surfaces. Formulated with UV, infrared and harsh pool chemical inhibitors, both Dyco POOLDECK and POOL PAINT perform well with chlorinated and saltwater pools.
dycopaints.com | (800) 282-7901



Miracote Products
Miracote Products provides scientifically superior product technologies for the plywood and concrete restoration/repair industries through a global distribution channel network. Miracote's products stand apart from the competition because of their flexible, permeable qualities that help them withstand the demands of the luxury pool building space. Miracote Products will hold up against mechanical wear and abrasion, impact, water immersion, UV rays and various climatic conditions.
miracote.com | (310) 631-6594



For homeowners who dream of a true stone-edge profile for their pools, Stegmeier has the answer with the Texturit form. This user-friendly cantilever-forming system adapts to virtually any shape swimming pool and is offered to contractors through Stegmeier distribution throughout the country.
stegmeier.com | (800) 382-5430



Tired of repainting old deck and repairing cracks in concrete patios? Matéflex multi-purpose flooring for modular decking and outdoor patio flooring is a great solution. Matéflex modular decking can be directly installed over tired or worn wooden deck and concrete patios. Matéflex III's open-grid tiles provide the drainage you need to keep you dry. When you cover a deck with Matéflex, you can stop worrying about cracks and slivers to create a safe and functional space, the company says. Available in 16 colors. Boasts a 15-year warranty.

mateflex.com | (844) 244-8464