Itching to try new products? Take a look at the newest industry products below, including a new vinyl liner pattern, a refillable chemical dispensing system, a heater and more.

Cordelia's Premium Pool Shock is designed to work in tandem with Cordelia's full line of saltwater pool products. Adding Cordelia Premium Pool Shock weekly provides saltwater pools with an extra boost to remove chloramines, algae, and contaminants. Cordelia Pool Shock Treatment can be used in spas, hot tubs and immersion tanks. | (203) 772-3350



Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry's Hassle-Free Kit contains two products that set pools up for simple openings. Pool Magic + Phosfree uses naturally based enzymes to break down leftover non-living waste from the pool season, as well as reduce off-season scum lines. The kit also contains Metal Free to control metal staining and scale through the winter without adding problem-causing phosphates. | (800) 753 1233



Ocean Blue Water Products
Designed by heater experts, the Ocean Blue Water Products heater cover is built to protect your customer's investment from the harsh elements. With a solid top and breathable, tight woven mesh sides, the heater cover keeps out debris while keeping the heater moisture free. Adjustable straps allow for a tight fit and protection from harmful UV rays and acid rain. | (773) 626- 3701



Knockdown drops debris, filterable or not, to the pool bottom where it can be vacuumed out. It also includes a polishing clarifier to finish the job and won't affect water balance. Knockdown begins working immediately and finishes the job quickly, delivering clarity overnight. | (954) 491-2311



Leaf Bone
Leaf Bone now offers a counter display for retailers that is available with a minimum order of 12 Leaf Bone clips. The box illustrates various uses for the basket with graphics that emphasis the use of a leaf rake net. Leaf Bone skims floating debris from the swimming pool. It is a patented, versatile clip that attaches a leaf rake net to the pool ladder handrail and uses the pool's natural circulation to direct leaves into the net. | (704) 692-7132



Stonetech Gonianakis was founded in 1980 in Heraklion, Greece, and specializes in processing marble and other natural stones. StoneTech Pools focuses on swimming pool products (coping stones and drain grates, upon demand) in nonslip flooring, steps and exterior wall cladding.



The Haviland I-Helix Vacuum hose offers a strong and flexible design that allows flow, even when tightly coiled. Designed to withstand the demands of any residential or commercial aquatic facility pool vacuums, the I-Helix is chemical and abrasion resistant on the outer shell with a flexible inner core. Available in six different sizes ranging from 1.25 inches to 4 inches in diameter. | (513) 353-3000



RYOBI's Score Wireless Speaker System utilizes SKAA technology, which allows a 150-foot wireless range and can connect up to four additional primary and secondary speakers instantly. SKAA is the new wireless HiFi audio standard developed by Eleven Engineering. Score works with iOS and Android mobile devices, Mac and Windows computers, televisions and just about any product with a line output or a headphone jack. Score also navigates environments saturated in wireless traffic and can switch between sources while playing. | (480) 650-3979



The ETi 400 High Efficiency heater uses Titan-Tough titanium with a direct fire heat exchanger design that is resistant to corrosion. This 400,000 BTU heater has a 96-percent thermal efficiency rating. Built with ASME-certified construction, the unit offers ultra-quiet operation and is easy to install both indoors and out. The unit offers fast heat-up times, easy category IV venting and air intake and a 180-degree rotating control panel for left or right plumbing connection. | (800) 831-7133



Red Leopard
Red Leopard now offers the Flip-Floater for spas, a refillable chemical dispensing system that uses tablets and flips when it is time to refill. Unlike other dispensers, there is no need to open the Flip-Floater to see if it needs more tablets. It floats vertically when full, tilts when almost empty and lies horizontally when empty. | (800) 753-1233



Colorado Arctic is a new vinyl liner design printed on a white base film to give a bright, sparkly effect underwater. Using cool blue and grey tones, the pattern features a continuous tile border of intricate mosaics to provide a modern, yet classic look. The pattern is designed to match the latest in deck pavers and coping and has a three-dimensional quality. Available through pool liner fabricators and distributors. | (570) 474-6741



Leisure Concepts
ModStep is an expandable, modular step with a two-, three- or four-tread steps. Combine two side-by-side to create attractive, extra-wide steps. The ModStep has a 12-by-36-inch tread design and a large 24-by-36-inch top platform surface with a rubber, non-slip tread. Made with a powder-coated, aluminum frame and polymer treads, the ModStep is available in seven colors, optional solar lighting and a SmartDrawer for storage. Made in the U.S. | (800) 469-2428