Happy Halloween! Pinterest is a goldmine of spooky DIY ideas for bewitching décor, and that includes the swimming pool. Here are just a few ways to get a pool in ghoulish condition for the holiday:


1. Spooky Soak
Items needed:
skeleton, props

A skeleton doesn't have to be terrifying, unless you dress it up like your least-favorite customer. A bikini-clad skeleton catching some (moon) rays adds some humorous flair to the pool.



2. Seeing Red
Items needed:
pool dye

Try a green pool for a spooky swamp, or purple for a pool-size witch's brew. The trustworthy red dye pairs nicely with fake body parts.



3. Floating Faces
Items needed:
Pumpkins (carved or whole), glow sticks or candles (optional)

Carve faces into pumpkins and illuminate them with glow sticks or candles.* Gently place them in the pool and they'll bob along the surface for a spooky look.

*Be sure to supervise if using candles.



4. Ghosts on Ice
Items needed:
Water balloons, glow sticks.

Inflate water balloons and insert a glow stick. Tie it off, and let it float. (Want to get more frightening? Try the same process with latex gloves to create look of floating body parts.)



5. Fog Horns Welcome
Items needed:
Dry ice

Create a foggy poolscape with dry ice. (No swimming in the pool while dry ice is in use. Dry ice, despite the name, burns.)



6. Light Up the Night
Items needed:
Light filters or colored LEDs

Lighting is the key for the spookiest Halloween effects. Colored filters or colored light bulbs is one of the easiest ways to create a frightening atmosphere.