Pool rails serve an essential purpose in the backyard: to ensure safe entry and egress from the water. But as important as they are, Larry Williams noticed something: In terms of design, they are often overlooked.

“When my parents were building their dream home, the builder encouraged them not to put in a swimming pool handrail because it would take away from the beauty of their yard,” Williams says. “When my mother got older, she was unable to get in and out of the pool.”

That’s when an idea struck. Why can’t practical be beautiful?   

“My mother absolutely loves swans. Instead of putting in an ugly handrail, I designed her a pool rail that looks like a swan,” he says.

Sensing that others may want a similar rail of their own, Williams founded Swan Pool Rails. Each rail is finished with a non-rusting, semi-glossy powder coat; rails can be customized with different colors and heights. 

Orders have continued to climb, especially as the company gains media attention.

HGTV’s “Pool Kings” featured Swan Rails on an episode that originally aired July 31, 2017. Additionally, Williams is auditioning for Shark Tank this month in an effort to grow the business.

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