Wait a minute, wouldn’t the hot tub melt from the water?

Well, frankly, yes. But the fact of the matter is, a couple of YouTubers made a hot tub entirely of ice — no plastic molding or steel wires holding it together, just the solid form of water. As you can imagine, it was not long-lived and it required a lot of effort to make. But it worked!

To make the ice hot tub, Finnish couple Lauri and Anni Vuohensiltas filled a 500-liter barrel (approximately 132 gallons) with water and left it sitting in the cold, Scandinavian winter for a week, where the temperature averaged -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water froze, they carved a 200-liter (53 gallon) opening in the middle for someone to sit in.

Anni donned a hat and gloves to match her bikini and enjoyed a bottled beverage as she soaked. Though the water was heated to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, the iciness of the hot tub’s exterior cooled it down quickly. She was immersed for five minutes. Lauri mustered only one minute.

The ice hot tub started leaking after those two soaks.

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Lauri and Anni produce and star in the YouTube channel Beyond the Press, where this experiment was shared. This was not the first time they did an experiment with hot tubs: An earlier video documented their experiment to heat hot tub water with a 50-lb. steel cylinder heated to 2550 degrees Fahrenheit (the results were lukewarm).