Cal Spas Kamado Smoker Grill

The Kamado Smoker Grill is perfect for small spaces. Made of heavy ceramic, heat is absorbed and refracted within the firebox creating a fireproof fabric seal that maintains warmth within the vessel. Cast iron top and bottom vents allow great air flow. Stainless steel stands and folding side shelves make it easy to move around. Additional accessories are available for purchase. | (800) CAL-SPAS

Pentair IntelliCenter

The IntelliCenter Control System from Pentair has built-in connectivity for iOS and Android mobile digital devices, including the Apple Watch and Amazon Echo, that allows customers to control their pools remotely from anywhere in the world. It also features new color touchscreen interfaces at the equipment pad as well as via an optional indoor control panel or wireless poolside remote. Control heat pumps, chemical controllers, gas heaters and more with simple step-by-step instructions. | (800) 831-7133

Alvarae Pearl White Chaise Lounge

Using sleek lines and curves shaped to fit the contours of the body, the design team at Alvarae Design Studio has created the ultra-lightweight Pearl White Chaise Lounge, an instant and elegant poolside accessory. The single-piece bed of the chaise connects to the base with “ski jump” fitting that allows customers to simply alter their seating position for maximum comfort. Resistant to harsh chemicals, saltwater, UV rays and weathering, the base separates from the main lounger for easy storage. Its carbon fiber material reflects the sun, so there is no chance of getting overheated. | +852 2898 8400

ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Spa Chlorine Generator

ControlOMatic now offers the ChlorMaker, a saltwater chlorine generator specifically designed to retrofit any spa on the market. To use, install the push-button control panel to the spa skirting, add 1.5 pounds of salt per 100 gallons of spa water, install the cell and plug it in. The control panel has three buttons for adjusting the chlorine or bromine production and four indicator lights to let customers know when it is making chlorine or if they need to check the cell. The generator also has a “Boost Mode” that increases chlorine production after spa use. Self-cleaning reverse polarity technology is built in, and it’s UL approved. | (530) 205-4520

Cal Spas Small Tubs

Cal Spas’ new line of small tubs is suited for anyone working with small spaces. The Veranda Spa, the first of three different spas, comfortably sits one or two people. With the Plug and Play feature, it is easy for customers to set up in any indoor and outdoor location. Simply plug it in and begin. Next, the Round Spa, measuring at 78 by 36 inches, is the ideal height to step right in. It includes Candy Cane Jets and a Turbo Diverter Whirlpool Jet, perfect for a hydrotherapy session with a small footprint. Finally, the Triangle Spa is a six-footer spa for anyone living in an apartment, condo or limited property space. All are built to last. | (800) CAL-SPAS

SpaPure Brom Bank

When used in conjunction with bromine tablets, SpaPure’s Brom Bank instantly creates a bromide reserve in hot tubs and spas. Because bromine dissolves quickly, this booster product eliminates the downtime required to have spa water ready for customers. Simply add four ounces for every 250 gallons of water when adding bromide tablets. | (800) 333-0400

Cal Spas Legendary Cal Flame P6 Grill

The Cal Flame P6 Grill has a 110 thousand BTU output with six burners and two infrared burners. Features include a rotisserie that can hold up to 35 pounds, flavor bar seals, full-width warming racks, a large thermometer, interior lights and more. The grill is able to prevent build up with its stainless steel drip tray and rollers, and it is dishwasher safe. Its vented knob splash guards also help protect from finger burns. | (800) CAL-SPAS

Pentair ETi 400 High Efficiency Heater

The ETi 400 High Efficiency Heater is made of pure titanium, so it can withstand higher temperatures and harsher water conditions. The unit offers a door that rotates 180 degrees for easy right or left installation. It is highly corrosion resistant, quiet when operating and provides fast heat-up times in both indoor and outdoor spaces. | (800) 831-7133

Inter-Fab T7 Diving Board

The T7 Diving Board combines the fun of a diving board with the beauty of a waterfall. At 7 feet, the board has a 300-pound weight limit and can be installed on Type I or larger diving pools. It comes with a 10.25-inch waterfall as well as optional lighting for nighttime swim. The board is available in a variety of colors including four solid colors plus eight granite colors to coordinate with decks, slides and architectural treatments. | (800) 737-5386

Deckorators Fastendry

Deckorators Fastendry combines water management and deck board fastening capability in one solution. It creates ample under-deck storage and fits in the slotted edge of Deckorators composite decking, forming a tight seal that prevents water from passing through the spaces between boards. This keeps the understructure dry while providing dry space to store pool toys, supplies and more. | (800) 332-5724

Natural Chemistry Coverfree

Natural Chemistry now offers Coverfree, a liquid solar blanket for pools. Coverfree’s advanced mono-layer technology keeps pools from losing valuable water by decreasing evaporation and heat loss and is safe for all sanitizing systems. Because it forms and reforms on the water surface, it protects from energy and water loss even after the disturbance of wind or other variables. | (800) 753-1233


Water Odyssey Fun Forms Aqua Slides

Fun Forms Aqua Slides are great additions to any aquatic play setting. With over 40 brightly themed designs, these slides are suitable for spray parks and all types of pools. Various sizes and custom designs are available for children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers. | (512) 392-1155

TUUCI Luna LED Light

The Luna LED Light has state-of-the-art LED fixtures and features modular low voltage wiring. It illuminates upwards into the canopy to distribute light evenly underneath the umbrella. Customers can dim the lighting to fit their preference and turn it on and off with one simple touch. | (305) 634-5116

Coast Spas Coast Cubby Dry Storage Compartment

The Coast Cubby is a dry storage compartment that can be fully integrated into any hot tub or swim spa. Made from durable marine-grade materials, the unit is perfect for storing chemicals, towels, electronics and more. Its large lift-and-turn handles and interior lighting make for fast and easy access to anything inside. | (604) 514-8111

TUUCI Infrared Heater

TUUCI’s Infrared Heater pivots to efficiently and directly warm objects below a canopy and not the surrounding air. Attached to the frame support struts, the heater requires the companion lighting system with which it shares a power supply. Electrical lines are concealed within the mast. It also features a switch that automatically turns the power off when the umbrella frame is closed. | (305) 634-5116

Pentair MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights

Pentair’s MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights are made to illuminate the smallest of spaces. At 3.5 inches, they fit any standard 1.5-inch pool wall fitting and can be installed both horizontally or vertically in as little as 4 inches of water. They can be turned on and off with Pentair automation systems or via the IntelliBrite Controller. Great for steps, sun shelves and shallow waters, these ultra-bright lights are vibrant and versatile. | (800) 831-7133

Cal Spas Escape 867

Cal Spas is releasing a brand-new mold that fits up to six people with 67 Exclusive Velocity jets. Featuring a Cascade Waterfall, Y-Pillows and other exclusive features that cannot be found anywhere else. A 5.5-kilowatt, titanium heater ensures the spa will stay the perfect temperature. | (800) CAL-SPAS

Outdoor GreatRoom Company Edison Gas Fire Pit Table

The Edison Gas Fire Pit Table combines industrial design with a modern look. Features include a powder-coated steel base and Weathered Grey Barnwood Supercast top. The Crystal Fire Burner is UL Listed for safety and quality. A sliding door on the base offers easy access to a 20-pound propane tank and conceals the tank during use. The mesmerizing fire reflects off a bed of tempered fire glass to complete this weatherproof fire pit table. | (866) 303-4028

Abatron Tread Spread

Tread Spread is an easy-to-apply epoxy coating that meets OSHA and ADA recommendations for slip-resistance in both wet and dry conditions. An ideal choice for commercial, industrial and recreational environments, Tread Spread bonds to a variety of surfaces including concrete, wood, metal and fiberglass. Available in 2-pint, 2-quart and 2-gallon kits with two available colors: safety yellow or slate gray. Each gallon allows for 12 square feet of coverage at 1/8-inch thickness. | (800) 445-7554

Fountain People FXPRO Series

The FXPRO Series LED lighting uses state-of-the-art technology to provide bright, programmable lighting for any fountain or splash play pad. Designed for underwater, wet or dry applications, the lighting provides an on-board DMX driver individually addressable with a DMX controller. These LED fixtures offer RBFW color changing lights with 18 RGBW diodes and come with an extra-long cable that runs up to 350 feet. Available in both freestanding and flush mount configurations. UL/cUL listed and IP68/RoHS compliant. | (512) 393-5263

Vibe Element 70 Cooler

The Vibe Element 70 Cooler with wheels is an ultra-durable 70-quart rotomolded cooler that keeps your crew well-fed and hydrated. The built-in wheels make transporting your cooler a breeze, while the 3-inch insulated walls keep ice from melting for days at a time. Each cooler comes with two bottle openers, an integrated locking system, a pressure release valve, a heavy-duty carrying handle and other useful features. | (678) 938-8234

Jandy Pro Series White LED Lights

The Jandy Pro Series White LED Lights are available in two color temperatures: Daylight and Warm White. These energy-efficient lights produce the equivalent of 500W, 300W and 100W incandescent bulbs while only using 65W, 42W and 18W of power, respectively. Available in 120V and 12V versions, the lights are ETL-approved for most installations. They can be turned on or off with a light switch or smart device via AquaLink and the iAquaLink app. | (800) 822-7933


FrogLog is an animal escape ramp for swimming pools that was developed and tested by a wildlife biologist. It can support animals up to one pound, such as frogs, lizards, ducklings, bats, chipmunks, mice, snakes, squirrels and many more. Multiple units can be used in larger pools. FrogLog is available for wholesale. | (240) 258-7723

Hayward ColorLogic Laminars

Designed for easy installation, ColorLogic Laminars add visual and acoustic appeal to any pool or spa. Their peaceful, glass-like arcs of water catch the sunlight during the day and transform into vibrant streams of color after dark. Choose from 10 solid colors or seven color-changing light shows for dramatic illumination. | (908) 351-5400

Poolsmith Technologies Organic pH

Eliminate liquid acid in pools and spas with Organic pH from Poolsmith Technologies. This patented, carbon dioxide “inpHusion” process provides pool owners and maintenance professionals a natural, safe and healthy option for pH maintenance. The Organic pH method injects tiny amounts of recycled carbon dioxide into your pool, which produces carbonic acid. Carbonic acid can be produced but it cannot be bought; it only exists in water and is Mother Nature’s answer to high pH. | (480) 570-5716

PQN Spa34

PQN Audio’s Spa34 audio speaker features a 50W Max 3-inch driver. The Spa34’s wall-fitting design offers a full 360 seal and installs easily and quickly. Designed specifically for swim spas, it can also be used with all spa installations, including roto-molded products. Available with or without an integrated audio driven LED accent show. Fully waterproof, chemical resistant and REACH compliant. | (805) 794-6475

Pentair UltraTemp ETi Hybrid Heater

The UltraTemp ETi Hybrid Heater combines a heat pump and a high-efficiency, gas-fired heater in the same unit. A smart and intuitive heater, it selects the optimal heating modes for heating the pool quickly and efficiently. Built to last, the UltraTemp ETi features dual titanium heat exchangers for durability and long-term performance. Comes with an easy-to-use interface and seamless integration with automation. | (800) 831-7133


The DEL AOP 25 is a compact AOP sanitizer designed for pools up to 25,000 gallons. Lightweight and easy to install, AOP technology reduces chemical dependency and destroys contaminants for a clean and healthy modern pool. | (800) 733-9060

CMP Brilliant Wonders LED Control

CMP introduces the compact pool LED control with interactive LCD display. Simple to install indoors in a standard light switch or outdoors in a weatherproof box. Get instant feedback and control with a colorful, modern user interface. Control lights create schedules and custom shows with ease. Smart sync makes it compatible with other pool LED lighting. Select the program style at startup to control LED lighting from CMP and other LED lighting automation. | (800) 733-9060

Party Pool

Party Pool was developed in 1985 by a pool cleaning company to add a sparkling color to customer’s pools. Party Pool is a safe, non-toxic and non-caustic colorant that will add excitement and vibrancy to the pool scene. Available in three colors. | (800) 471-1688 

Sunbelt Hot Tubs Leisure Series

The Leisure series is a simple but effective line of products designed to have the basic features of a quality spa. It comes with a one-year warranty. There are six different models starting below $2,000 and are offered nationwide. | 800-258-7727

RicoRock Waterline Coping

RicoRock’s waterline coping is comprised of nine pieces of lightweight cast concrete rock mortared in place to cover six feet of bond beam. Created to meet the demand for rock treatments around pools, this coping creates an old-world look that complements the company’s waterfalls and boulders. Perfect for pool renovations and well-suited for vinyl liner installations and made of high-density concrete mix that resists damage to freeze thaw. | (888) 717-3100

American Aqua Works Plunge Pool

The American Aqua Works Plunge Pool was designed for the small backyard owner. The Plunge Pool uses four individual fiberglass parts that bolt together to create an 8-by-22.5-foot-long pool. The pool can be made longer with additional 7.5-foot-long sections. The Plunge Pool also features bench seats on both ends with an overall water depth of 3 feet. | (731) 632-5055

Leisure Concepts SmartDeck

SmartDeck is an in-house solution that provides a flat and level surface for spa installations. Polymer panels lock together to create an attractive and durable deck, customizable in size and strong enough to support 300 pounds per square foot. SmartDeck’s textured surface and black color add elegance to every setting. | (800) 469-2428

Pentair’s AK110

Pentair’s Acu-Trol AK110 water chemistry controller offers continuous monitoring and control of pH and disinfectant levels, temperature and flow rate. Records up to 36 days of sensor data internally in one- or two-hour recording intervals to meet California’s Title 22 compliance requirements. Control and view data logs directly from the controller including ORP/PPM/pH/PPM/Temp logs. On-screen data logging aids in maintaining daily record. Allows water chemistry changes to be made immediately from a computer anywhere in the world. NSF-approved and comes with a five-year warranty. | (800) 831-7133

Pool Blaster Battery Powered Leaf Vacuum

The Pool Blaster Battery Powered Leaf Vacuum is designed for residential pools and does not rely on garden hose pressure to get the job done. Instead, its on-board motor, transmission and safety clutch combine to lift leaves, seeds and twigs right off the pool floor and deposit them into its high capacity debris bag. Leaf Vac will not alter the pH level. Powered by eight AA batteries (included with unit), Leaf Vac can run up to three hours. | (800) 298-8800 x230

MSE Audio Music Garden System

The Music Garden system consists of four spike-mounted satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer with a high-excursion 8-inch woofer. Each high-output satellite features a two-way coaxial driver with a ¾-inch titanium dome and a 4-inch woofer with a poly cone and rubber surround. A la carte options are available for larger systems or customization. Satellites and subwoofers can be daisy chained off a 70-volt amplifier, or the subs can be run direct with their own P350 350W subwoofer amplifier. | (913) 663-5600

Cortlin Gas Fire Pit Table by Outdoor GreatRoom Company

The Cortlin Gas Fire Pit Table is a stocked fire pit table with a 64-inch-long linear gas crystal fire burner. The table is a low-profile unit for residential and commercial applications. The base is finished with Ferros stucco and a CorTen-steel look finish that allows the unit to retain its appearance without rust or discolored run off. The flame produces up to 100,500 BTU’s on a bed of tempered fire glass. | (866) 303-4028

Cabana Suite by Dream Maker Spas

Dream Maker Spas’ Cabana Suite is the first model in the all-new Suite Spa collection. The Cabana Suite includes an umbrella, cover lifter and large suite steps with rail, storage and planters along with a built in fountain, LED lighting, cooler and fold-down table all in one single design. All spas are manufactured using sustainable Syncrylic material, which combines the luster of acrylic with the durability of HDPE. All spas made in the U.S. | (888) 329-4847

PQN Audio Spa15

The Spa15 is a new high-quality, compact speaker that delivers up to five times better performance than other small speakers. It is the industry's first IP68-rated dual mount speaker and can be back-mounted or front-mounted. Comes with a 2.5-inch snap on grill and is REACH, CE and RoHS compliant for European requirements. | (805) 794-6475

Clearwater Enviro Tech AE-50

The AE-50 by Clearwater Enviro Technologies uses a combination of mineral ionization and a vacuum ultraviolet ozone to purify water. A venturi manifold and electrode are also included. Mineral ions help control algae and bacteria while the ozone produces the oxidation. The system can handle up to 50,000 gallon pools and reduces the use of chlorine in both residential and commercial pools. Listed in NSF-50 and carries a three-year warranty. | (727) 562-5186

Renegade Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

The Renegade Gas Fire Pit Table is rugged, durable and built for quick setup and takedown. It comes with a carrying case and features a 16-inch stainless steel gas burner. The flame produces up to 55,000 BTU’s on a bed of tempered fire glass. Features include a compact size that fits in trucks or storage compartments, an adjustable gas valve and an electronic ignition. Runs on liquid propane or natural gas and can be used as either a fire pit or coffee table.
outdoorroom | (866) 303-4028

Clear Comfort CCW50

The CCW50, a non-chlorine spa sanitation system, is the newest addition to Clear Comfort’s family of hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation systems. The CCW50 spa system provides the capability to achieve chlorine-free spa water and circulates up to 35 gallons per minute. A five-minute cartridge exchange lasts for a year or more. Available with a 30-day money back guarantee and a three-year system warranty. | (303) 872-4477

Pentair Bioshield UV System

The Pentair BioShield UV System helps maintain safe and efficient pool operation by providing clean water and air conditions. The low-pressure UV lamp offers up to 12,000 hours of continuous operation and reduces chlorine usage by up to 50 percent while eliminating chloramines. In addition, the unit provides instant and ongoing protection against chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as giardia and cryptosporidium. NSF-approved. | (800) 831-7133

Natural Chemistry Start-Up Magic

Natural Chemistry has created a concentrated start-up formula that controls calcium scale, plaster dust and metal-based staining on newly plastered pools. Start-Up Magic prevents scale from forming, which helps protect from the effects of staining. Start-Up Magic also reduces calcium scale buildup at the water line and pool equipment. | (800) 753-1233