The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company was the first to enter into the gas fire pit category and with that expertise, the company manufactures unique, upscale gas fire pit tables and Crystal Fire Burners, along with pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, patio furniture, custom products and commercial-grade contract products. The company says it sets the trends outside as your one-stop-shop for safe products, reliable service and innovative technology. From concept to design to delivery, it brings home outside with distinctive products perfect for any poolside or outdoor space. | (866) 303-4028

Caribbean Blue Micro Clean

Caribbean Blue’s Micro Clean is a microfloc clarifier that aids in the filtration of the tiniest particles to provide sparkling pool water. Micro Clean is formulated to surround and coagulate microscopic particles as small as two microns, allowing filter media to better remove them from water. It removes both organic and inorganic matter through filtration. This non-metallic, non-staining and non-foaming product provides a unique clarifying formula that is not affected by shock treatments or high chlorine levels. Compatible with all sanitizing systems, pool surfaces and filter types. Maintains sparkling pool water throughout the season. Made in the U.S. | (800) 333-0400

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers

Founded in 1992, All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers has been providing quality pool fences and covers for over 25 years. This family-owned-and-operated company seeks to reduce the risk of drowning by helping homeowners choose the best product for their needs. With a variety of swimming pool fences, safety nets and covers, All-Safe will help customers find the most effective, affordable, attractive and convenient option. A child's safety depends on your choice, and they want to help you make the best decision. | (800) 786-8110

CCEI Pool USA Safety AC Transformer

CCEI Pool USA is pleased to offer a new Pool Light 12-13-14V-AC Safety AC Transformer that is designed specifically to power pool and spa lights. The transformer allows the direct connection to underwater lights, and, in order to guarantee a safe installation, it has two compartments keeping the primary and secondary light connections independent. The transformer is equipped with an on/off switch to facilitate turning on the lights and offers a re-settable circuit breaker to protect the transformer and lights in case of overload. The transformer uses quick connectors for easy electrical installation, is available in 75W or 150W, is UL Listed and comes with a two-year warranty. | (213) 425-5280

Stain Drop All Purpose XpH Stain Remover

The Stain Drop All Purpose XpH phos-free-stain remover is a powerful product formulated to prevent and remove stains, discoloration and scale caused by metals and minerals. It is highly chlorine tolerant and works in a wide pH range, making it ideal for pool openings. When used according to directions, the product is safe and compatible with all pool surfaces and sanitizing systems, including salt pools. Available in one quart, five gallon and 55 gallon sizes for all commercial pool applications. | (800) 333-0400

Jobber Pool Service Software

Jobber’s pool service software helps thousands of pool servicers improve and grow their business. Voted No. 1 most user-friendly software in 2019, Jobber lets you schedule and organize your crews, track detailed client information such as pool dimensions, chemicals, parts and services, collect payments from anywhere and optimize your routes, among many more additional features. | (888) 721-1115

Little Giant APCP-1700 Pool Cover Pump

The Little Giant APCP-1700 pool cover pump is designed and certified specifically to be used on pool covers. The pump’s unique design gives added stability, while its weight is ideal for attracting water. A side discharge allows for optimal water removal and provides less of a risk for kinks in your hose. The built-in handle makes it easier to carry and place on the cover, and the integrated float switch automatically activates in approximately two inches of water. The APCP-1700 can move up to 1,700 gallons per hour and comes with an adapter that fits all standard garden houses. | (888) 956-0000

SVIAC Heavy Duty Tablet Press

The SVIAC Heavy Duty Tablet Press is specially designed to make swimming pool tablets. It has a robust and simple press and is able to produce 200 tabs per minute. | 01 55 59 91 11

Automatic Pool Covers Adjustable Flush Lid Riser

Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. offers a unique adjustable flush lid riser that allows the aluminum lid over the cover to be the exact height of any deck material and allows the automatic cover’s flush lid to lay level with stone and paver pool decks. The AFLR was created for under-track application and can be used with a concrete or wood mechanism housing. The kit comes with heavy-duty brackets to provide excellent support and engineered turnbuckle spacers to assure proper width placement. This technology ensures automatic covers fit seamlessly on any pool deck when purchased as a new system. | (800) 878-5789

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Kinney Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table

The Kinney Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table is designed for outdoor entertaining and relaxing with its 12-inch-by-24-inch UL Listed crystal fire burner and contemporary ultracompact surface top. Its low-profile base is constructed of black powder-coated metal for lasting outdoor durability. Place the matching burner cover on top for a functional coffee table or store in the base when the burner is in use. The convenient magnetic access doors keep a 20-pound horizontal liquid propane cylinder with OPD tank concealed during use. It is made in the U.S. and an optional glass wind guard, folding wind guard and protective cover are sold separately. | (866) 303-4028

HPC Bluetooth Electronic Ignition High Low Series

Introducing the new Bluetooth Electronic Ignition High Low Series from Hearth Products Controls. With the touch of a smartphone, users can control on, off, flame height and even set a timer that will automatically turn the fire pit off. This gives the end-user the convenience of smartphone control with Bluetooth technology as well as a diagnostic dashboard to maintain peak performance. | (937) 436-9800

Thursday Pools Beach-Entry Fiberglass Pool

Thursday Pools now offers a Beach-Entry Fiberglass Pool. The Beach-Entry starts at zero with a 6 1/2-degree slope that extends out 15 feet. This patent-pending product was created to meet consumer demand for resort-style pools while helping pool professionals sell and install more fiberglass pools this summer. Available in both freeform and rectangle shapes in multiple sizes to accommodate most backyards. | (877) 929-POOL

Water Shade Canopy Float Kit

The Water Shade Canopy Float Kit’s patented design allows a pop up canopy to sit safely on a body of water to give swimmers shade. The kit includes four inflatable pods (made of durable PVC vinyl), an air pump and a tether system for anchoring, all of which are easily stored in a nylon tote bag when not in use. The inflatable pods securely attach to each of the canopy leg stake holes of most standard canopies. Attachment is made with a custom designed quick flip clip to secure each pod to its canopy leg. After use, it is easily removed by reversing the process when the canopy is out of water. It also allows the canopy to attach to an existing anchor. Also available is the Water Shade Wind Anchoring System, which utilizes nylon mesh bags that attach at the bottom of each pod and fill with water to protect the canopy from unexpected wind conditions. | (480) 729-2410

Core Covers Weather-Shield Fabric

Core Covers is proud to announce that its spa covers can now be ordered in Weather-shield fabric — a new, 100 percent solution-dyed polyester that offers several benefits over traditional vinyl covers. It is 70 percent lighter, three-times stronger and weighs 25 percent less than traditional vinyl fabric. Weather-shield provides superior tear and abrasion resistance and is made from recyclable materials. It is currently available in three colors: black, mahogany and grey. All Weather-shield covers are highly resistant to UV, mildew and mold. | (855) 763-7450

Coral Detection Systems Coral Manta 3000

Coral Detection Systems introduces the Coral Manta 3000, a drowning detection system for inground and aboveground residential swimming pools up to eleven yards in length. The device, which is solar powered, is a self-installed system that uses artificial intelligence technology and an advanced algorithm to detect risk of drowning. An underwater video camera analyzes the underwater scene, tracking swimmers 24/7. Alerts and notifications are sent to a smartphone device anytime someone enters the pool or at any risk of drowning. It also provides in-home indication and alarms, offering real-time images on demand. | (888) 567-0356

Natural Chemistry Green Aid

Green Aid provides amazing cleanup results when used prior to shock treatment with an EPA registered chlorine that kills green algae. Green Aid provides fast and reliable results — often without the need for scrubbing. It is not affected by high levels of cyanuric acid and works in water conditions with higher pH levels, unlike other treatment programs. Green Aid is great for pools with salt chlorine generators and can be used with all pool surfaces. | (800) 753-1233

Crescent Lufkin Shockforce and Nite Eye Tape Measures

Crescent, a premiere brand from Apex Tool Group, introduces its new Crescent Lufkin Shockforce and Shockforce Nite Eye tape measures with patent-pending, two-sided blade designed and an industry-leading 14 feet of standout. The compact design features metal roll bars to protect the lock button against drop impact damage, while the simulated diamond-coated end hook provides 50 percent more hook grasp to prevent surface slippage. The dual-sided print combined with enhanced print size provides a superior green-on-matte black blade to be seen in any light condition. Available in 16-foot, 25-foot and 35-foot options. | (800) 621-8814

Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor

The Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor is essential equipment with powerful performance, the company says. It is built with an industrial grade vacuum motor and fits all contractor grade steel wheelbarrows. The extractor is able to remove 200 pounds of sand and water in under three minutes, making sand filter changes fast and easy. It cleans muck from the bottom of pools, can be used as a blower and is able to move water at a constant rate of two gallons per second, 120 gallons per minute. A full line of replacement parts are available for servicing. | (607) 785-7664

OxiClean Pool Spring Opening Kit

With the OxiClean Pool Spring Opening Kit, pool owners will enjoy easier and faster spring openings. The kit contains both a phosphate-free stain and amp. It is a scale protection product as well as a concentrated enzyme and phosphate removal technology product. These two products work especially well with mesh winter covers. | (800) 753-1233

Fountain People FIAC-1000

Fountain People has added a new line of fountain effects to its popular Fountain-in-a-Can series. The new FIAC-1000 provides a single-piece construction that is designed, engineered and fabricated as a “pour in place” assembly containing a flush mount spray effect, 360-degree low voltage LED light fixture, internal throttling valve and ADA compliant grate. The assembly can be utilized for plaza style water features or may be used for interactive splash pads. Fountain-in-a-Can allows for multiple options for water effects within the same housing. Patterns include vertical water columns, crown jets, shower jets and arching streams. Effects may operate simultaneously or may be sequenced independently. | (512) 393-5263

Frank Wall Enterprises Frank's Sticky Stuff

Frank Wall Enterprises popular Frank’s Sticky Stuff is a unique board and foam spray adhesive in a canister that grabs and holds the pool wall board and wall foam on pool walls during pool construction. This very tacky, sticky adhesive now comes in a 30-pound adhesive spray canister that sprays a complete pool in three to five minutes. The canister sprays 20 to 30 pools with minimum application and six to 10 pools with full coverage. It comes with a new comfort grip, easy-to-pull trigger that eliminates the cramped fingers caused by spray tips on aerosol cans. The 24-inch wand makes it easy to spray deep end walls while standing in the bottom of the pool. | (800) 488-9146

Imperial Outdoor and Tailgating Line

Imperial is proud to introduce new products to its outdoor and tailgating line. The all-new Barrel and Bucket Grills (pictured) can be colored and logoed for a wide range of NFL, MLB, NHL and college sports teams. Also seeing a full release in 2019 is the Adirondack Chair, which is made from distressed wood and can be customized to your favorite team colors. The chair is easy to assemble and ships from California. | (800) 526-6261

ControlOMatic MiniWarden

ControlOMatic has improved its popular MiniWarden — a pH and ORP controller with many features not found in a lower cost chemical controller. The improved controller is available in both a simple and advanced version. In addition, the units are now offered with either English or Spanish selectable menus. The MiniWarden controllers measure the chemical values in the water to continuously deliver the corrective chemicals exactly when needed. It is unlike other chemical feed systems (adjustable feed pumps or metered erosion chlorinators), which are unable to adjust to changes in bather load or temperature causing the pool balance to change in a very short time. | (530) 205-4520

Water Odyssey Aqua Spouts

Water Odyssey’s Aqua Spouts water play features were created specifically for little ones. Perfect for any aquatic play setting, Aqua Spouts are designed to complete any theme. These durable, low-level spray features keep toddlers in mind with a variety of gentle water effects. There are more than 50 brightly themed, hand-detailed standard designs to choose from, including nature, ocean, pirate, transportation and desert themes, as well as custom designs. | (512) 392-1155

RAMUC Coping Spray Paint

RAMUC’s Coping Spray Paint was created to brighten, restore and protect a pool’s existing pool coping from becoming chipped, dirty or faded. It gives pools a fresh new look. The paint has a white-gloss finish, is non-skid, has low VOC and comes in a 12-ounce can. | (800) 745-6756

Waters Choice Clean & Drain

A one-ounce tube of Clean & Drain will purge a regular-sized hot tub in one hour. The result is a hot tub that gives customers a fresh, clean and amazing spa water experience. No more headaches, biofilm or hassle. | (208) 949-2800

Cal Spas Fitness F-1421

The Fitness F-1421 from Cal Spas doubles as a true aquatic fitness workout and a great way to entertain guests at night (it seats up to six adults) with its multicolored LED lights. Swimmers can utilize the 27-inch stainless steel exercise bar, floor-mounted swim lane marker, fitness anchors and tether anchors for a fully effective swim session. It also comes equipped with 19 exclusive stainless steel Candy Cane jets and the Swim Jet System II, including two river jets. Choose from a number of add-ons, from the Pro Trainer and ATS Plus to a gray or slate spa cover. | (800) CAL-SPAS

Canadian General-Tower 2019 Collection

To celebrate 150 years of industry-leading innovation and design, Canadian General-Tower is kicking off the 2019 pool season with fresh new designs, featuring premium Aquashimmer inks and Aquasense emboss textures as well as additions to its popular Essential Pool Collection: Hamlin (pictured) and Modstone. CGT’s material is 100 percent North American-made, provides superior UV defence and is resistant to stains, fading and chlorine damage. | (519) 623-1630

Ark Custom Pool & Spa Tesoro

Experience the ultimate in hot tub and pool luxury with Tesoro from Ark Custom Pool & Spa. Tesoro stainless steel vessels are high strength and non-corrosive works of art with gleaming reflections, elegance and modernized features, the company says. Choose from personalized design options (limitless shapes and sizes) to compliment the creation of any leisure space. | (250) 215-1210

Water Tech Corp Volt FX-2

The Water Tech Volt FX-2 is an affordable battery-powered spa cleaner that, with its optional microfilter bags, removes sand, silt and even algae. It incorporates incredible new developments in small pool and spa cleaning technology to keep spas sparkling clean and users healthy and happy, the company says. Powered by five D cell batteries, the Volt FX-2 runs up to two-and-a-half continuous hours. It also comes with a two-year limited warranty. | (800) 298-8800

Rocky Reel System Clear Coat Finish

Rocky’s Clear Coat finish is for the pool owner that wants their swimming pool reel system to blend in with the concrete surroundings. It’s an alternative to the disposal plastic model and the white model. Rocky’s has launched the Clear Coat finish on its two most popular residential reel systems: #3A and #4A. | (800) 663-8705

Frank Wall Enterprises Light Doctor Repair Kit

The Light Doctor Repair Kit is a simple solution for broken tabs and slots on vinyl liner light seal rings. It has never been easier to fix broken or corroded tabs and slots on vinyl liner sealing rings for underwater lights than with this revolutionary product, the company says. It is available in eight hole and ten hole fixture styles for both the top and bottom sections of the light sealing rings. | (800) 488-9146

RenoSys DuraTech Gutters

DuraTech stainless steel and PVC gutters provide reliable, proven and affordable perimeter recirculation systems to meet any aquatic design challenge. The stainless steel option combines gutter and plumbing into a built-in-trough with pressurized water return and inlets that reduce maintenance by eliminating buried pipes that break from freeze-thaw damage or ground movement. The PVC gutter option provides a cost effective alternative to stainless steel and is the ideal solution for indoor pool renovations. Both come with a 10-year warranty and are made in the U.S. | (800) 783-7005

Leisure Concepts CoverMate Vanish XL

Leisure Concepts announces the introduction of a revolutionary new cover lift, the CoverMate Vanish XL. It provides smooth, fluid opening and closing with a contemporary design that visually incorporates the lifter into the spa cabinet. It also offers a 360-degree view by positioning the cover behind the spa when in the open position. Effortless operation and function with integral design makes the Vanish XL the future of spa cover lifts and a must for every showroom, the company says. | (800) 469-2428

Stain Drop Stain Removal Verification Test Kit

The Stain Drop Stain Removal Verification Test Kit uses four topical (pool surface) tests using three proven stain-removing products to determine the correct stain-removing product(s) to remove the pool stain. It allows pool professionals and pool owners to verify the correct treatment needed for a particular pool stain without the guesswork. Each S.R.V. Kit contains three packets of three powerful stain removers and six dosing pouches (for wall or deep water stains). The package is completed with a detailed instructional booklet. | (800) 333-0400

Skimmer Lids HIDE

Homeowners can say goodbye to unsightly metal grates and bulky, plastic skimmer lids in their beautiful landscaped area. HIDE, a sophisticated, new line from Skimmer Lids, offers innovative lids for skimmers, drains and access points. The HIDE inlay lids can be fitted with tiles, timber or concrete to match the surrounding landscape, creating a luxury, uninterrupted outdoor space. | (07) 3807-2551

Fountain People Mediterranean Scupper

Fountain People now offers a Mediterranean Scupper for use in pools and water features. It imitates the classic beauty of ancient fountains and uses a traditional dark bronze finish with verde-green highlights to accent the detailed decorative etching on the surface. The clean, simple design complements both traditional and modern pool and fountain designs, the company says. It measures five-and-three-eighths inches in diameter with a five-and-a-fourth-inch projection and is supplied with a one-and-a-half-inch FPT connection. | (512) 393-5263

Automatic Pool Covers APC 365

Automatic Pool Covers has improved its APC 365 automatic safety cover system specifically for vinyl-lined pools using a coping and housing design that allows an automatic cover to be integrated easily into vinyl liner package pools. It is designed for easy installation by using a 48-by-48-inch encapsulated coping and wall cap corner to provide a 100 percent accurate fit. APC 365 System uses a slide-on polybox housing that saves installers hours of time and keeps the housing’s lid perfectly flush with the deck. | (800) 878-5789

CMP Powerclean Salt Ultra

CMP introduces Powerclean Salt Ultra, the next generation salt chlorinator designed to be durable, affordable and serviceable. With simple salt, produce pure chlorine without chlorine tablets or chock. The clear cell housing takes the guesswork out of maintenance because users can actually see when it’s time to clean. The cell plates are completely removable for easy cleaning with no dangerous acid. Unlike other difficult to service systems, this is a friendly backyard chlorine generator, the company says. | (800) 733-9060

Hayward SelectaFlo High-Efficiency Valve

SelectaFlo high-efficiency backwash valves are hydro-engineered to provide superior flow at lower pressure drops. They feature an easy-to-use trigger action handle that lets users select from four valve/filter functions: filter, backwash, pump to waste or recirculate. SelectaFlo valves are ideal for D.E. filter applications requiring high efficiency and low head loss. | (908) 351-5400

Deckorators ALX Classic and SLX Cable Railings

Deckorators has expanded its deck railing lineup with the introduction of new aluminum and cable rail offerings. Deckorators ALX Classic aluminum railing in weathered brown and Deckorators SLX Cable railing give deck builders and homeowners more beautiful, modern choices to personalize an outdoor living space. Both offer easy installation and are backed by a 25-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. | (800) 332-5724

Hayward DEP 500 Series Filters

The DEP 500 Series pleated element D.E. filters are Hayward’s first pool filters engineered with cartridge convenience and D.E. technology. These pool filters provide superior water clarity and make maintenance simpler and faster than ever, the company says. Trusted D.E. filtration offers greater dirt-trapping capabilities while a reduced number of pleats significantly decreases cleaning time. It also includes a heavy-duty, tamper-proof, one-piece clamp that provides quick access to internal components without disturbing plumbing connections and a two-year extended warranty. | (908) 351-5400

Cal Spas Escape-739

The Escape-739 is a seven-foot spa that fits up to six adults. It has a two-pump system that uses 39 exclusive velocity jets, operating at 240 volts, and a bio-clean filter to maintain cleanliness. Each seat has a different jet placement for maximum hydrotherapy. It comes with four Y-pillows, perimeter lighting and a curved cascading LED waterfall. Users can choose to enhance their experience with a number of special features such as Wi-Fi, a Freedom Sound System and more. Available in mahogany, smoke or mist, the Escape-739 is made to enhance a user’s health. | (800) CAL-SPAS

Nature's Care PhosAway MAX

Nature’s Care now offers new PhosAway MAX, a highly concentrated phosphate remover that is two-and-a-half times stronger than the leading national brands, the company says. Formulated for pool water that is highly susceptible to phosphates, this product removes phosphate from pool water while helping to maintain water clarity, reduce maintenance and clean water lines without foam. It is available in one quart bottles and is made in the U.S. | (616) 365-9515

California Blimps

California Blimps offers three types of products to help draw attention to any business or special event: inflatable paint cans, helium blimps and cold air tubes. They run off an internal blower that plugs into a regular 110 outlet. The inflatable paint cans and cold air tubes weigh less than 25 pounds in the carrying bag when deflated. They are easy to assemble and take less than one minute to inflate. All products have an internal lighting system to make your message glow and are made in the U.S. Life expectancy is 12 years or more, and each product has a two-year warranty on workmanship. | (714) 273-7466

Water Tech Corp Precision 2.0Li

Water Tech’s improved Precision 2.0Li is now more intuitive and easier to use — just turn it on, drop it in the water and start cleaning, no expertise needed. It offers an easy push-button on/off switch and two rechargeable lithium batteries, with both a wall and car charger to charge batteries on the fly. The cleaner is completely cordless with no hoses or hookups. It features a dynamic quick-drainage system, a large three-liter debris capacity and three reusable filter bags. The vacuum heads can be used on both gunite and vinyl/fiberglass surfaces. | (800) 298-8800

Allied Innovations O-Care

Allied Innovations is your one stop replacement spa parts source, the company says. Added to the exclusive brand product line is a new water care treatment, O-Care. O-Care is safe while it reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine needed. It is soft while making your skin feel smooth and odorless, and it is simple to use — just add two compounds to the spa water once a week. | (800) 237-9937

Cal Spas F-1896-DZ Dual Zone Swim Spa

The F-1896-DZ is a dual-zone swim spa made for professional swimmers. The swim zone is an endless current made for an extreme fitness experience, while the spa zone is a full-sized spa for hydrotherapy that can fit up to three people. Built with Swim Spa Jet System V and two River Jets, the swim spa jet current is so strong (stronger than the ocean) that the company added Tornado Jets on each side to keep the swimmer in place. Users can also enjoy special features like a full-size lounger, LED lighting, a bio-clean filter and more. | (800) CAL-SPAS

AquaPill SummerPill

The AquaPill “SummerPill” offers a patented pre-measured delivery release system to help maintain crystal clear pool water all summer long. SummerPill’s multi-action formula is specially blended to help prevent scum lines from suntan lotions and other bather waste, to keep water clear and to optimize filter efficiency. Treating up to 30,000 gallons of water, this pill can be used with all types of sanitizers and all pool surfaces. | (800) 753-1233

IOWAT Group Inc. HandyGrid

HandyGrid is a new, extremely strong spa base made from recycled plastic shopping bags that can be installed in less than 60 minutes at a fraction of the price of cement. For installation, users simply need a shovel, rake, level and some clean gravel. The patented design allows the base to support 100 tons per square foot and will last a lifetime in extreme cold and hot climates in all types of soil. | (613) 822-3223

Aqua Creek PowerWave Pool Bike

The new PowerWave Pool Bike from Aqua Creek is designed for aquatic spin classes and as a companion product to the TidalWave Pool Bike for rehab applications. The PowerWave features all stainless steel construction with powder coat finish in three standard colors and has additional non-standard colors to customize to any facility. An adjustable tension knob with a unique flywheel design makes the bike an exceptional choice for customizing users’ aquatic exercise programs, the company says. | (888) 687-3552

RicoRock Vertical Wall

Rico Rock now offers the new Vertical Wall, a contemporary waterfall for use in contemporary pool and backyard landscaping designs. It features a polished, lightweight concrete finish and a cast-rock insert within the fountain wall area. The waterfall spills out in an arc of water into the pool. Measuring six feet, eight inches high and four feet wide, the wall has great profit and minimal installation but commands premium price, the company says. | (888) 717-3100

Water Tech Corp Volt Leaf Vac

The new Water Tech Volt Leaf Vac is battery powered and hose-less. Without relying on pressure from a garden hose, the unit operates without altering water chemistry. It features an “on-board” motor, transmission and safety clutch to lift leaves, seeds and twigs right off the pool floor, depositing them into its high capacity debris bag. The unit comes with MAP protection, a two-year limited warranty, two reusable filter bags and is powered by eight AA batteries (included). It gets up to three hours of runtime for multiple cleanings. | (800) 298-8800

Water Odyssey Massive Splash

Massive Splash is an innovative, modular splash play feature designed for maximum inclusivity of all patrons.  With a modern, architectural look, Massive Splash draws attention to parks and athletic facilities with a constant motion of water buckets including four different spray effects that reduce user wait times.  Water spray from uprights provides constant cooling, water chasing and a safer play experience.  Modular design allows for a wide variety of configurations to fit every splash pad size and budget. | (512) 392-1155

Master Spas H2X Challenger Series

The new H2X Challenger Series from Master Spas features three therapy pumps to drive the six-jet VIP plate including one two-speed pump and two variable speed pumps. It has a dedicated swim panel, located at the swim end, that allows the swimmer to easily program workouts. Users can get personalized training for their current fitness needs while having the flexibility to adjust training programs in the future. The series’ system is also designed without air induction to give swimmers a very smooth swim experience. It is available in 15D, 18D and 19D sizes. | (877) 278-1786

Clear Comfort Manifold

Clear Comfort now offers its first rapid-install Manifold made specifically for the CCW100 pool sanitation system. The pool plumbing Manifold enables homeowners and pool service providers to install Clear Comfort systems faster, easier and more reliably. Manifolds are quality tested and customized to directly inject hydroxyl radicals into systems to maintain the best, clean and clear water quality. Installed in less than 30 minutes or less, its adaptable design fits into a single section of pipe that’s accommodated by most pool plumbing configurations and optimizes space by taking less than 12 inches of pool pipe. | (303) 872-4477

S-POOL Concrete Pools

The S-POOL is a fully pre-manufactured concrete pool that can be customized to include a variety of features including attached spas, steps and benches, vanishing edges and more.  Delivered by truck and installed simply and quickly by crane, the company says it has revolutionized the installation process by cutting installation time from a few weeks to a few days. All pools come pre-plumbed and fully equipped with vaults, equipment sets, pool vacuums and LED lights. Available in 36 different sizes (and shapes beyond a rectangle), the pools also come with a lifetime warranty. | +972-528-528-582 |

Cal Spas Cal Flame Power Burner

The Cal Flame Power Burner is a specialty-cooking surface, with an external and internal burner for a total of 60,000 BTU, ideal for large pots. Its stainless steel knobs come standard with an independent blowtorch ignition system and two LED lights on the splashguard to safely see at night. The core of the burner funnels down into the full-length drip tray for cleanliness and safety. It is also ETL approved and built to last. Cook crab, crawfish, lobster and more with ease. | (800) CAL-SPAS

CCEI Plug in Pool Outlet

CCEI now offers its patented Plug in Pool underwater electric outlet, an underwater electric outlet that works without contact. Installed in the swimming pool wall, it is wireless, contactless and, above all, safe. The Plug in Pool socket uses induction to create an electrical current from an electromagnet, allowing pool owners to connect underwater devices into the plug — from LED lights and speakers to robotic cleaners and pool alarms. | (213) 425-5280