Watkins Wellness announced the winners of four prestigious awards given annually to the best dealers under the Watkins Wellness brand. These awards were awarded last January in various expos across the country.

Watkins Wellness Award: HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2

Vince Weubker of HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 accepted the Watkins Wellness Award at the Hot Spring Experience Dealer Kickoff held in Newport Beach, Calif. Awarded for the first time this year, the Watkins Wellness Award recognizes a dealer who most embodies the Watkins Wellness passion for promoting and living a lifestyle of well-being.

“There is perhaps no dealership more passionate about wellness than HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2,” says Mike Dunn, executive vice president of Watkins Wellness. “In fact, they don’t sell hot tubs, they sell ‘Every day made better.’” HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 is based in West Fargo, N.D.

Ring of Honor Award: Tom Walker of Mountain Hot Tubs, Scott Smith of Mountain Hot Tubs and John Kasten Sr. of Creative Energy

Hot Springs Spas marked its 40th anniversary by honoring three individuals for the Ring of Honor award at the Hot Spring Experience Dealer Kickoff in Newport Beach, Calif.

The Ring of Honor award recognizes individuals for their contributions to the Hot Spring Spas brand. Honorees are inducted into the Ring of Honor for a lifetime of achievement, as well as traits that include passion, character, competitive spirit and willingness to help others succeed.

Two of the three winners this year included Tom Walker, owner of Mountain Hot Tubs in Bozeman, Mont. Scott Smith, Walker’s late partner who passed away in a car accident in 2001, was honored in memoriam.

“Tom Walker is a lifelong learner and true believer in what we do as hot tubbers,” Dunn says. “Tom is well known for his belief in people and relentless about his personal investment in them.”

The final winner was John Kasten Sr. of Creative Energy, based in San Francisco, Calif.

“John Kasten is a man of genuine warmth and kindness, and the first of three generations now working in the hot tub business,” Dunn says. “He is a legend in our industry. He believes in Hot Spring today more than ever. In fact, he just opened a new showroom.”

Watkins Wellness Locksin Thompson Dealer of the Year: Georgia Spa Company

Mark Stevens, owner of Georgia Spa Company in Atlanta, Ga., accepted the Locksin Thompson Dealer of the Year Award, the highest honor bestowed on a Hot Spring retailer. Named in memory of the highly-respected pioneer in the hot tub industry, the award celebrates Locksin Thompson’s entrepreneurial spirit and was presented at the Hot Spring Experience Dealer Kickoff in Orlando, Fla.

“If you imagine an ideal Hot Spring dealership, this is that dealer,” Dunn says. “Georgia Spa Company sells the overall Hot Spring experience from first customer contact to lead nurturing, delivery and service. Every step, from pre-to post-sale, is done exceptionally well. They demonstrate the same commitment to upholding the kind of quality, excellence and professionalism that Locksin Thompson brought to our industry.”

Caldera Spas Dealer of the Year Award: Tom Junck, Rachel Junck and Jeff Carlson of Combined Pool & Spas

Combined Pool & Spa (Sioux Falls, S.D.) took home the Caldera Spas Dealer of the Year award. Owners Tom and Rachel Junck and Jeff Carlson accepted the award at Thrive, the Caldera Dealer Summit held in Newport Beach, Calif.

The dealership also won the Central Area Dealer of the Year award and the No. 1 Single Store in America award.

“The motto of Combined Pool and Spa is ‘Serious Fun,’” Dunn says. “That phrase perfectly describes this business and the phenomenal people who make them our Caldera Dealer of the Year. They are the best of the best. They consistently set the bar high, but in 2016 they took their business to a whole new level. From their sales to their service, training, marketing and social media presence, they have a winning formula for success.”

Congratulations to all the winners!