By 2017, the adoption of the ISPSC will be mandatory in eight states. The latest states to adopt the ISPSC are Washington and West Virginia. In January 2017, the ISPSC will be also be in effect statewide in Georgia. New adoptions by local districts and municipalities include Longmont (Colorado), Pearl River Valley-Water Supply District (Mississippi) and Andrews, Cleveland and Kileen, Texas.

Currently, there are 56 local ISPSC adoptions. Published in partnership with the APSP and International Code Council, the ISPSC strives to protect all pool and spa users. APSP is the only American National Standards Institute accredited standards developing organization to develop our nation’s pool, spa and hot tub standards. The family of ANSI/APSP standards covers a wide range of commercial and residential aquatic vessels many of which are included in the ISPSC. For more information about the ISPSC, email Susan Hilaski or call 703.838.0083 ext. 150.