As we've covered in AQUA previously, the deepest pool in the world is Italy's Y-40 Deep Joy, a 130-foot deep pool — or the equivalent of a 14-story building. However, it may not be a world record holder for much longer.

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In fact, Illinois native Jim Elliott is working on plans for an even deeper pool — 150 feet! — on the side of a former landfill in Aurora, Ill.

Elliott's intentions aren't just to break a world record. He's the founder of Diveheart, an organization that uses scuba diving as a way to help those with disabilities build confidence and experience the therapeutic benefits water therapy can offer. Elliott envisions the project would consist of four separate pools of different depths that can be used for rehabilitation, research, scuba training and more.

As the Chicago Tribune reported in February, Elliott is currently working with Shodeen Inc. (Geneva, Ill.). Shodeen representatives are currently in talks with city officials about next steps to make the pool a reality — a process that, as any pool pro knows, can take some time.

As Elliott told the Chicago Tribune, "Putting a Starbucks in downtown Aurora may be a lot easier, but the payoff on this unique project could be a game-changer."