OxiClean, one of the most highly-recognized names in household cleaners, is making its debut in the pool and spa industry. Developed in partnership with NC Brands, the new line currently includes four pool products and two spa products, with plans to expand with additional offerings in the future.

While OxiClean laundry and household products are widely available at large brick-and-mortar retailers and online, the pool and spa line will be distributed by POOLCORP and is intended for use/sale by industry professionals only.

“NC Brands has always been a strong supporter of professional pool and spa retailers, and will continue to do so with the OxiClean opportunity,” says Jason Goff, COO of NC Brands. “We at NC feel that leveraging a major consumer product brand through professional retailers will be a successful business model because of the consultative sales process this water treatment uses.”

The product line includes OxiClean Pool Spring & Fall Kit, OxiClean Pool Season Clean, OxiClean Pool Stain & Scale, OxiClean Pool Pill-Winter Close, OxiClean Spa Pipe Clean and OxiClean Spa Weekly Clean. In spring/summer of 2019, the line will grow to include chlorine-free sanitizers, oxidizers and other maintenance products.

According to Mark Munford of NC Brands, “Our consumer research shows a real interest and demand for effective chlorine-free pool and spa products. The timing of our licensing initiative with OxiClean could not be better in terms of satisfying that demand. Working with Church & Dwight to introduce his household brand name to our industry will help ensure the success and profitability of brick and mortar retailers, which are the backbone of our industry.”