The Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code announces that CMAHC members will be voting on 179 proposed changes to the Model Aquatic Health Code at the second Vote on the Code biennial conference, October 17 to 18 in Denver, Colo.

The Model Aquatic Health Code is a voluntary guidance document to prevent drowning, injuries and the spread of recreational water illnesses at public swimming pools and spas. Unlike other codes, the MAHC is amended and revised every other year by the people who use it: aquatics professionals, public health officials, academics and more. Everyone in the aquatics industry is invited to make their voice heard by joining the CMAHC and sharing their thoughts on the proposed changes.

The CMAHC Technical Review Committee has completed a review of all 179 proposed MAHC changes received last year. All completed and final Change Request (or CR) reviews and revisions are now posted for viewing and commenting on the CMAHC website. Members are invited to comment on any proposed CRs or reviews. The CMAHC conference will include presentation of key CRs, the technical review and summaries of member comments as well as time for caucusing on the CRs and floor discussion. Topics include acoustic design, chlorinator sizing, float tanks, design of benches/ledges, wing walls/shelves, lifeguarding/supervision and filtration/disinfection issues. In addition to MAHC changes, there will also be a vote for a new CMAHC Board of Directors member.

Industry pros can attend in person or virtually via livestream to ensure their voice is heard and help make the MAHC the best guidance it can be.

The CMAHC will continue to accept comments to influence the vote through November 3. Electronic voting opens with the conference and will close at midnight EST on November 19.