The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals has announced a new draft standard for the plastering of swimming pools and spas. 

The standard, called the Board of Standards Review/APSP/International Code Council/National Plasterers Council – 12 201X, covers the material and application for the plastering of cementitious finish coatings for in-ground swimming pools or other cementitious water-containment vessels. It sets forth the identification and stipulation of non-structural cementitious finish coating materials for usage in plastering of water-containment vessels, the application and finishing methodologies, based on common accepted trade practice, for the installation of non-structural cementitious interior finish coatings for water-containment vessels and more.

The standard, which centers on a topic that has seen controversy over the last two decades, now enters the public review and comment phase.

APSP is seeking the approval for the revisions under the accreditation procedures with ANSI. Comments are due June 22, 2015.

To receive a draft of the proposed standard and to comment, contact Susan Hilaski at, or call 703-838-0083 ext. 150.

Scott Webb is Executive Editor of AQUA Magazine.