• The Lifecycle of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

    by Steve Goodale June 2019

    For many swimming pool owners, the path to researching and buying new pool equipment can be a frustrating experience. If you don't know what to expect with your new purchase you may find that you are unpleasantly surprised with how it works out for you. In an attempt to help you understand what to expect with your new robotic pool vacuum, consider this article as a strategy guide to walk you through the stages of life for your new piece of expensive swimming pool equipment.


  • Lessons in Light

    by Kirk Bianchi May 2019

    Lighting a landscape, especially alongside a pool and spa, can create both visual nuance and drama not possible during daylight hours. The project featured here was one where several breakthroughs occurred in my own understanding of how to apply lighting. The landscape and pool design transformed an attractive but unassuming home into a unique expression of the clients' tastes and ideals, but the lighting was the finishing touch that elevated it to an entirely new level.

    I am...

  • This Year's Must-Have Pool Floats

    by Cailley Hammel May 2019

    Like the must-have toy at Christmas, everyone wants the season's hit pool float — a trend that's been ongoing for several years with no signs of...

  • The New Frontier for Vinyl Liners: Holographic Designs

    by Cailley Hammel May 2019

    The vinyl liner industry has made great strides in recent years — customers who seek extra "oomph" from their liner patterns can choose sparkly, iridescent inks,...

  • Diving for Cookies

    by Abigail Carpenter May 2019

    You won't find Girl Scouts Troop 40348 behind tables stacked high with delicious cookies outside a local grocery store. Instead, as the nation's first Scuba Troop, the girls conduct their cookie sales at the bottom of a swimming pool. Choose pickup — which involves putting on your own scuba gear and diving below — or...

  • Trichlor: The Dependable Pool Performer

    by PHTA Recreational Water Quality Committee May 2019

    A true staple of residential pool care, trichlor has gained prominence due to its straightforward application of the pool industry’s ubiquitous sanitizer, chlorine. Trichlor contains the highest available chlorine content (90 percent) of any chlorine sanitizing pool treatment chemical except gaseous chlorine (100 percent).

    Trichlor, or more specifically trichloro-s-triazinetrione, is an EPA-registered pesticide sold for use as a sanitizer for pools and spas. It is soluble in water,...

  • Hidden in Plain Sight

    by Cailley Hammel May 2019


  • Package Pools in the Mix

    by Eric Herman April 2019

    A building company that can serve its entire market, from top to bottom, will be stronger and more resilient in the face of economic change. For this reason, many builders now offer all three types of pool construction methods — concrete, vinyl and fiberglass — giving them the ability to finely match the pool with the client. In that array of options, package pools occupy a space next to the infinitely customizable world of concrete and the prefabricated expediency of...

  • Pool Heater Best Practices

    by Mike Fowler April 2019

    When it comes to looking at the common causes of pool heater failure, many are linked to improper installation. Therefore, pool professionals who wish to ensure pool water heats up and stays warm when needed should take the time to review the heater installation for each pool they maintain. Here are some of the critical parameters.

  • Ozone Generating Systems: The Facts

    by PHTA Recreational Water Quality Committee March 2019

    Ozone has become one of the pillars of pool and spa sanitizing. Today, ozone generators are commonly plumbed into circulation lines as a valuable assist to the sanitizer. These devices generate and inject ozone gas (O3) into swimming pool or spa water. They consist of two basic components, an ozone generator and an ozone management system. Commercial and residential systems differ in some respects, as detailed here:


    This component consists of an...



    • I use a Taylor K2005 test kit. Will it test for FC? what is the description of FC?
    • Bionizer Spa Star fits the bill perfectly...a tad of chlorine or oxy shock and about 0.4 to 0.5 Cu...
    • Aqua Finesse Swim Spa tablets can make that Swim Spa Mtc. much easier. Aqua Finesse once a week...