• Lower the Risk of Legionellosis

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018

    2017 saw a rash of Legionella outbreaks at public swimming pools and spas. In July, three members of a Gold's Gym in Kennewick, Wash., fell ill with Legionnaire's disease, a type of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. In May, the community pool and spa at Foothill Ranch in Lake Forest, Calif., closed...

  • Pool Care and Repair After Wildfires

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018

    Last year was one of California's most devastating wildfire seasons in recorded history. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the Golden State saw more than 7,500 fires consume 1.6 million acres of land. And in November, the Woolsey Fire and Camp Fires caused unprecedented damage, becoming California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record

    With a new year before us and wildfire season just around the corner, here are some tips for...

  • The Basics: Boric Acid and Sodium Borates

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018


    A few quick facts about boric acid and sodium borates:

    • Used as a pH buffer in swimming pools (against increases in pH)

    • Helps to limit algae growth (acts as an algaestat)

    • Lowers chlorine demand

    • Additional benefits may include reduced corrosion

    • Recommended dose

  • Courage and Experimentation

    by Eric Herman November 2018

    Juxtaposition, contrast and even contradiction – all are words that describe this impressive design by Bradley Renken, president of Hearthstone Luxury Pools + Outdoors in Marietta, Ga. To that list, Renken also adds...

  • Pool Painting on the Auction Block

    by Barrett Kilmer November 2018

    Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne. The names conjure images of the starving bohemian, suffering for art, painting in obscurity and dying penniless, only to achieve the empty honor of posthumous fame.

    David Hockney, an English artist who achieved international fame painting people and pools in Los Angeles, does not fit that mold. He's made plenty of money and achieved widespread recognition for his work. Soon, one of his paintings is expected to set a record for the highest price...

  • Pole Training Goes Aquatic

    by Eric Herman November 2018

    Ever since the Acquapole was introduced in Turin, Italy, in 2010, describing the simple apparatus often begins by explaining that it has nothing to do with the kind of pole dancing associated with gentleman's clubs. Aquatic pole training, the form of exercise originated by the Acquapole's inventor, aquatic fitness...

  • Elevating Installations

    by Eric Herman November 2018

    Pools and spas that never touch the ground can be both challenging and risky to install. The elevation itself is, of course, a big part of what makes these installs so complex, but there's also the building's structural integrity to consider. Leaks are a major risk factor in such projects — just imagine what could happen if an elevated pool leaked into the floors below.

    Overcoming those obstacles requires working to an elevated standard of construction, as well as possibly turning...

  • Understanding Energy-Efficient Filtration

    by Eric Herman November 2018

    Hydraulic efficiency, variable-speed pump technology in particular, has enabled pool owners to significantly lower power consumption — a boon for consumers, the industry, regulators and lawmakers alike.

    Yet variable-speed pumps are really only part of the story. While the ability to adjust pump speed opens the door to a variety of energy efficiencies in the backyard, there is also the matter of the resistance the system provides — also known as the head loss, measured as total...

  • The Wheels on the Pool Go Round and Round...

    by Abigail Carpenter November 2018

    French artist Benedetto Bufalino is finding new and unique ways to be sustainable by reusing objects in unconventional ways. He has built tennis courts on top of semi trucks, turned phone booths into fish tanks and now, in his latest conversion, transformed an old camper into a mobile swimming pool.

    The project was produced as part of an annual series at Le Confort Moderne in Poitiers, France. As always, Bufalino wanted his audience to re-examine things they might take for granted...

  • Understanding Ammonia and Nitrates

    by Terry Arko November 2018

    Treating pool and spa water can be a surprisingly multi-faceted proposition. While most people in our industry understand the basics of oxidation, sanitizing and water balance, there are aspects of water chemistry that confound even the most experienced practitioners.

    In particular, the way that ammonia works in pools and spas, from its positive applications to how it results in disinfection byproducts and the formation of nitrates — one of the most problematic common compounds in...