• An Underwater Nightclub

    by Abigail Carpenter February 2019

    Look around and it might look like any other nightclub — conversation, drinks, a dart game. But the giant breathing helmets and swimsuits give away a key element to this lively night scene. It’s located 14 feet underwater.

    Created to promote TechnoMarine underwater watches, the world’s first underwater nightclub was thought up by New York City-based Thinkmodo, a marketing team known for its viral promotional videos. The team, consisting of writer-filmmakers Michael Krivicka, James...

  • Financing: Turning Backyard Dreams into Reality

    by Daniel Seeger February 2019

    For the average homeowner, putting in a new swimming pool is no small matter. The project is sure to eat up a significant amount of their backyard real estate and the install can be long and inconvenient. But maybe the most significant impediment is also the simplest and most familiar: dollars and cents.

    In 2018, the average cost of an inground pool was just below $50,000. That’s about the same as a new full-size pickup truck. Given the amount of work required for a quality pool,...

  • Real Estate Pool Inspections

    by Eric Herman January 2019

    Pool are usually inspected for a specific reason. For example, it’s common to see inspections for overall safety, energy efficiency, structural integrity, surface issues, water quality or leaks. In these instances, the goal of an inspection is to identify specific problems in the pool system.

    Then there’s the other kind of inspection: those that take place as part of a real estate transaction, where the pool inspector’s job is to provide an overall “snapshot” of the pool’s...

  • The Secret Life of Biofilm

    by Eric Herman January 2019

    Although most people in the industry have heard of it, few know the risks and mysteries of biofilm.

    Biofilm is almost everywhere. According to scientists who study it, wherever there's water, nutrients and a surface, biofilm is likely to form.

    It exists in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and oceans. It forms in all types of manmade water systems, from public utilities to factories, hospitals, dentist offices, dishwashers, cooling towers, washing machines, air conditioners and...

  • Pkdata: Shrinking to Greatness?

    by Bil Kennedy January 2019

    During the 1928 presidential campaign, Herbert Hoover famously promised that in addition to “a chicken in every pot,” there would also be “a car in every driveway.” That would have been a neat trick back then, even without the Depression: at the time there were 21 million cars and 57 million driveways. Yet as we know, cars eventually caught up with driveways.

    Pools, however, seem to be on a different course. True, the percent of single-family homes with inground pools has increased...

  • Extreme Spadework: Man Vs. Canyon

    by Barrett Kilmer January 2019

    Joshua Hall is not one to shy away from a challenge, so when I called to schedule an interview about a pool he'd dug by hand, he agreed, despite the reconstructive surgery he had scheduled the day before we were to talk. "It's part of the story that adds intrigue," he said in a way that promised it would be worth my...

  • Amazon Launches Interactive Showroom Experience

    by Cailley Hammel January 2019

    Amazon is further investing in experiential retail, this time by rolling out a show digital showroom feature called Amazon Showroom.

    The interactive program allows customers to create their own virtual living rooms. Customers can select wall and floor color and fill the space with selections from a vast online inventory of sofas, lamps, rugs, coffee tables, art and more — all of which are part of Amazon’s private-label...

  • How to Calculate Pool Volume Using Only Chemistry

    by Kim Skinner and Que Hales January 2019

    When measuring the volume of a pool, it's common to turn to calculations based on square footage and depth. That's a perfectly fine method...for pools that are traditionally shaped. However, when you encounter a pool that falls outside of the normal array of pool shapes, you can turn to a chemical method to measure volume.

    All you need is an alkalinity test kit, sodium bicarbonate or muriatic acid, and the formula. In short, this method involves adding a specific amount of acid or...

  • New Drone Art Series Captures Unique Backyard Spaces

    by Abigail Carpenter January 2019


  • Latham Acquired by New Investors

    by AQUA Editors December 2018

    Pamplona Capital Management recently acquired controlling interest in Latham Pool Products from Wynnchurch Capital, which will remain a significant investor in the manufacturer of pool components and accessories.

    “We are excited to work with  Wynnchurch and the Latham management team to build on the company’s 62 years of customer relationships and market leadership,” said Russell Gehrett, a partner with Pamplona. “Latham already has a reputation for building the most-reliable,...