• Green Pools = More Green in Your Pocket

    by Erik Taylor August 2019

    Everyone gets calls about green pool service, but not everyone provides it. But why not? It’s very rewarding to watch a frog-filled swamp turn into a perfectly healthy and swimmable body of water.

    When you get that call, do you take the job or pass it on to the next company? Let’s take a closer look at the ways saying “yes” can benefit your company.


    Green-to-cleans can be a great money maker for your company as they offer...

  • Z Poolform System Revolutionizes Concrete Coping Projects

    by Michael Popke August 2019

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    Few recent developments in the world of pool design and construction can claim to have changed how builders do...

  • The Big Business of Pool Remodeling

    by Bil Kennedy August 2019

    Dear Advice for the Lovelorn:

    I'm a 20-something backyard swimming pool who is, shall we say, starting to show her age. My plaster etches. My tiles are loose. And I can't cope with my coping anymore. I would love to get a makeover, but I'm afraid the other pools in the neighborhood will find out. What can I do?
    —Brokenhearted in the Backyard

    Dear Broken:

  • Pool Service Rates Across America

    by AQUA Editors August 2019


    In this year's SOI survey, we asked a simple question: If a brand new customer calls and wants you to clear up a green pool, what do you charge? The results...

  • A Rooftop Pool at Notre Dame

    by Abigail Carpenter August 2019


  • Fiberglass Pools Taking Market Share from Gunite

    by Scott Webb July 2019

    One of the biggest stories of the last few years in the pool business has been the growth of fiberglass pools. Estimates suggest fiberglass has garnered up to 17 percent of the new pool market (that figure is higher in fiberglass' Midwestern heartland, and lower in the gunite strongholds of the South and West). Overall, those market share numbers have been on the rise for the last decade, partly because fiberglass is taking business from gunite.

    The reasons are manifold, says Rick...

  • Natural Swimming Pools Expanding in North America

    by Eric Herman July 2019

    The first natural swimming pools in the U.S. were installed back in 2013, receiving widespread coverage in AQUA and other media outlets. The idea of using systems that mimic nature to clean and purify pool water was, and remains, an intriguing concept.

    Those pools used a system originally developed in Europe by Rainer Grafinger of Germany's BioNova, which cleans pool water using a "regeneration zone" instead of chemicals. The regeneration zone is a secondary pond, roughly the size...

  • Century-Old 'Big Pool' Leaks More Than 20,000 Gallons Per Day

    by Eric Herman July 2019

    For nearly a century (97 years, to be exact), the "Big Pool" in Garden City, Kan., has been considered the world's largest hand-dug swimming pool — and for most of its history, the world's largest free public pool.

    With a surface area of 72,600 square feet (larger than a football field!) and a volume of 2.6 million...

  • Surfing in the Round

    by Eric Herman July 2019

    Surf's always up in Australia — at least it is in the coastal town of Yeppon in central Queensland. That's where Surf Lakes International debuted the world's largest and arguably most innovative wave pool. Once considered a novelty in the surfing community (putting it politely) Surf Lakes has taken the concept of a wave...

  • A Pool That Defies Gravity…and Logic

    by Cailley Hammel July 2019

    At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, when you're in the pool industry, you see a lot of pools. Here at AQUA, we're regularly impressed and dazzled by the creative ingenuity found in the projects we come across. That said…once in a great...