• Pool Heater Best Practices

    by Mike Fowler April 2019

    When it comes to looking at the common causes of pool heater failure, many are linked to improper installation. Therefore, pool professionals who wish to ensure pool water heats up and stays warm when needed should take the time to review the heater installation for each pool they maintain. Here are some of the critical parameters.

  • Ozone Generating Systems: The Facts

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) March 2019

    Ozone has become one of the pillars of pool and spa sanitizing. Today, ozone generators are commonly plumbed into circulation lines as a valuable assist to the sanitizer. These devices generate and inject ozone gas (O3) into swimming pool or spa water. They consist of two basic components, an ozone generator and an ozone management system. Commercial and residential systems differ in some respects, as detailed here:


    This component consists of an...

  • Getting the Gunk Out

    by Eric Herman March 2019

    Last month, we published a discussion about the murky subject of biofilm. I researched and wrote the story to fill in what...

  • Leak Detection and Home Inspection

    by Eric Herman March 2019

    Lance Anderson, president of Anderson Manufacturing, an innovator in the leak detection process for decades, has seen the industry segment evolve and grow over the years. Here, as a follow-up to last month’s AQUA feature on pool inspections for homebuyers, Anderson offers his thoughts on where leak detection leaks fits into the home inspection process and how a new technical innovation may offer a big assist.

    AQUA: How does leak detection factor into real estate...

  • A Polymer Solution to Pool Finish Challenges

    by Eric Herman March 2019

    The pool and spa industry desperately needs a new interior-finish alternative, at least according to coatings specialist and inventor Peter Gibson. He passionately believes the inherently corrosive environment of pool and spa water demands an impervious alternative to plaster, exposed aggregates, paint, vinyl and traditional fiberglass coatings.

    That's why he has spent years pursuing such an alternative, an effort that led to invention of GlassCoat. Based on technology used by the...

  • Wet Winnings

    by Scott Webb March 2019

    It's an age-old problem. You want to play blackjack. I mean, that’s why you came to Vegas. At the same time, you are an avid swimmer and poolside lounger who hates to leave the water on a sunny day for any reason.

    For decades, you had to make a hard choice. But with the development of swim-up blackjack, those days of deliberation have been cast into the dustbin of history. A number of casinos on the Strip now offer the opportunity to play blackjack in your swimsuit, including...

  • Project Management: A Technological Sea Change

    by Eric Herman February 2019

    Building swimming pools and spas can be a surprisingly complex and multifaceted process. From the initial customer contact to filling the vessel with water, success means managing, integrating, coordinating and recording every step along the way.

    That's why most builders will testify that the most important person in the process, second only to the client, is the project manager. More than the salesperson, designer or even company president, the man or woman overseeing the physical...

  • Automatic Pool Covers: The Everyday Essential

    by Cailley Hammel February 2019

    For years, automatic pool covers were considered a luxury add-on to what was already a luxury product. At a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, the ability to open and close a pool with the push of a button was something accessible only to high-end homeowners. Today, however, pool builders report automatic pool covers are becoming far more commonplace, especially on mid-range pools.

    “Twenty years ago, trying to sell an automatic pool cover to our middle-class customers was a tough...

  • Purveying the Florida Dream

    by Eric Herman February 2019

    Born and raised in the Sunshine State, Brett Holland grew up at the side of his late father, Mike Holland, learning not only how to build beautiful pool/spa environments, but equally important, why it is imperative to include the clients in the design process.

    "Some of my fondest memories of my father were poolside," he recalls. "He showed me how important it is to look at the work from the client's point of view. I find most people hardly spend any time out back. The ultimate goal...

  • An Underwater Nightclub

    by Abigail Carpenter February 2019

    Look around and it might look like any other nightclub — conversation, drinks, a dart game. But the giant breathing helmets and swimsuits give away a key element to this lively night scene. It’s located 14 feet underwater.

    Created to promote TechnoMarine underwater watches, the world’s first underwater nightclub was thought up by New York City-based Thinkmodo, a marketing team known for its viral promotional videos. The team, consisting of writer-filmmakers Michael Krivicka, James...