• Why I Love This Industry

    by AQUA Editors September 2016

    We don't claim it's perfect, and there are moments of frustration in any line of work, but overall, we have to admit the pool and spa industry is a great place to make a living.  The result of our toil and effort, in the end, is often a smile of relaxation and enjoyment on a little girl's face as she plays in a clean, clear water.

    Every year, in our State of the Industry Survey, we ask the professionals of this industry what they like most about the job. Today we offer a few of...

  • The Beautiful World of Pool & Spa Combos

    by Eric Herman September 2016

    Many years ago, in the early days of what was then known as Genesis 3, co-founder Skip Phillips of Questar Pools was delivering a lecture about water-in-transit design. Part of his discussion centered on what he saw as the lack of creativity and design ingenuity when it comes to attached spas.

    Paraphrasing, he explained it was a shame so many builders simply create unimaginative vessels that, his words, "indiscriminately puke water" from the spa into the pool. A rather vivid...

  • Using Air and Acid to Quickly Get Perfect pH/Alkalinity

    by Robert W. Lowry September 2016

    It sounds radical and way out there but it's easy to do and it works. You really can do this. Best of all, it uses muriatic acid which is cheap and something that is free — air.

    In a typical pool, pH is maintained at a recommended level of minimum 7.2 and a maximum of 7.8 with the ideal range of 7.4 to 7.6 (per APSP and many health department guidelines). The total alkalinity is maintained at a minimum of 80 ppm to a maximum of 160 ppm, with an ideal range of 100 ppm to 140...

  • AQUA Celebrates Four Decades

    by Scott Webb September 2016

    Forty years ago this month, we started out in the magazine business. We were Spa And Sauna magazine then. It was September 1976, the Olympics had just concluded, Bruce Jenner was in the headlines…

    Obviously, some things have changed.

    For example, Spa and Sauna magazine became AQUA. We changed the name to reflect the fact that most North American spa dealers were leisure aquatics dealers;...

  • APSP, NSPF Take Major Step Toward Unification

    by AQUA Editors August 2016

    The boards of APSP and NSPF have agreed to hire Washington, D.C.-based AH, a professional services firm, to lead the unification process for the two aquatic organizations.

    AH specializes in helping non-profit organizations achieve their mission, create value, and advance their causes.  President & CEO Bob Waller, CAE, stated, “This initiative will be extremely positive for the aquatics industry and we are excited to be partnering with the APSP and the NSPF on this...

  • The Disney Waterpark That Sank

    by AQUA Editors August 2016

    The Disney conglomerate is so successful and well-run, it's hard to imagine one of its parks sinking into the...

  • An Expert's Final Word on Rio's Green Pool

    by Bob Lowry August 2016

    After the flood of speculation and analysis that followed the now-infamous Green Olympic Pool Incident of 2016, chemistry expert Bob Lowry provided AQUA the following concise summary along with a couple takeaways in the hope that future embarrassments may be avoided. Lowry is an acknowledged authority in the field of pool chemistry with more than 40 years of experience; he co-owned Leisure Time Chemical and Robarb and has invented more than 110 new products. He is also the author of ...

  • Olympic Lifeguards Go Viral

    by Eric Herman August 2016

    They’ve become an internet sensation – for doing close to doing nothing at all!

    Lifeguards at the Olympic aquatics training and competition venues in Rio De Janeiro have captured worldwide attention in the form of viral videos and memes across social media and scores of news reports online and in print. The reason for the widespread attention: the inescapable irony and some might say absurdity, of having lifeguards on hand to potentially rescue the word’s greatest swimmers, athletes...

  • Case Study: How Stray Current Caused Extreme Corrosion

    by Mark Holden August 2016

    Editor's note: this discussion is not about electrical safety or prevention of shock hazards, but instead looks at very low levels of electrical energy that typically pose no threat to people, but do present possible corrosion problems.

    Sometimes the best way to truly understand a complex issue is to learn about it by way of extreme example. That was certainly the case when I recently encountered a catastrophic corrosion problem in an over-story stainless-steel pool...

  • Water Problems Aside, Rio's Aquatic Stadium A Tech Wonder

    by AQUA Editors August 2016

    While the world has been transfixed and astonished by the failures of the maintenance staff at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium, the technical achievement embodied by the stadium itself has gone relatively unnoticed. It is a truly innovative venue.

    The building itself was constructed using "nomadic"...