• Vinyl Market Stretches Across Borders

    by Emily Fuger February 2004

    In today's global economy, business owners are no longer restricted by city, state or even international borders. Through the use of telephones, fax machines, the Internet and friendly trade agreements, goods can be bought and sold to and from almost anywhere in the world.

    Many North American vinyl-liner manufacturers and distributors are seizing these...

  • Counter-Current Culture

    by Marj Schultz January 2004

    Ask most industry experts about the appeal of those perpeptual swimming machines known as swim spas or counter-current pools, and their answers seem pretty broad. They say swim spas are for everyone; young, old, fit or not. They point out the many possible uses and installations. It seems that the swim spa is a good answer to nearly any residential/recreational water...

  • Rocky Mountain High-End

    by Reid Creager January 2004

    Vail, Colorado's average altitude is 8,150 feet, a fitting backdrop for its natural and man-made grandeur of dizzying heights. More than a ski playground for the wealthy, it's home to increasing numbers of mountain resort castles with meticulously crafted views that flaunt the boundaries of human ingenuity. In these creations for the uber-rich, no extravagance is too...

  • Commercial Art

    by Karen Erstad November 2003

    The difference between building residential pools and spas and their commercial counterparts "is like the difference between sitting down at a poker game with your friends in the kitchen vs. going to Vegas and sitting in on a high-stakes game," says Doug Salvia, president of Richmond, Va.-based Douglas Aquatics.

    No matter the location, the essentials...

  • Waterfront: November 2003

    by AQUA Editors November 2003

    Morning Splash

    Home-resort stage set featured on milestone broadcast.

    To celebrate its 1,500th broadcast, Fox News Channel's morning cable show, Fox & Friends, broadcast the Aug. 22 show live from a "home resort" set outside its studios in midtown Manhattan. In addition to the program's standard fare of news and commentary,...

  • Twists & Turns

    by Karen Erstad November 2003

    Word of mouth is amazing. When the owner of this pool saw the same pool and spa in a friend's backyard, he had to have them. But the builder, South Lake, Texas-based Southwest Pools, did not want to travel to Abilene to build the replica. Enter Abilene-based Southwest Pools & Spas/A Master Pool Builder. (The two builders are not affiliated.)

    "The owner...

  • An Inside Job

    by Elissa Sard Pollack September 2003

    There aren't many homes in Baltimore's Little Italy neighborhood with indoor swimming pools. Anyone familiar with urban living in Baltimore knows that typical homes there are long, narrow row houses. Even the street where pool builder Bob Spero first met his client John Guerriero is dominated by domiciles no more than 15 feet wide.

    The building where Spero,...

  • Classic Artistry

    by Karen Erstad September 2003

    Built in tandem with the renovation of a Shelburne, Vt., mansion on the shores of Lake Champlain, this 540-square-foot indoor gunite pool was designed to look and feel like a contemporary version of a classic Roman bath.

    To achieve this, everything from the bronze rail goods to the lighting in and above the pool was custom made. These and other materials,...

  • Breaking The Mold - Fiberglass pool makers fight the category's image.

    by Barrett Kilmer August 2003

    As recently as 10 years ago, the fiberglass pool industry had a serious image problem. Customers liked the convenience of speedy installation and reduced maintenance requirements, but many shied away from purchasing what they considered a cookie-cutter pool that couldn't compete with gunite or vinyl-liner pools in terms of customization.

    The more discriminating...

  • The Wet Living Room

    by Karen Erstad August 2003

    Since a lot of homeowners tend to lounge next to their pool — without actually getting in — it's no surprise that many of Jeb Stewart's clients want what he calls the "Wet Living Room." It's a shallow area set in a corner of a pool where people can cool their feet and relax in cozy chairs, says Stewart, owner of Cool Pools, Melbourne, Fla....