Automatic pool cleaners are not new. In fact, in the U.S. we’ve used automatic pool cleaners for decades. But ask any pool pro that’s been around for a while and they’ll tell you that when it comes to robotic automatic pool cleaners, pool owners have only really begun to embrace them in the last decade. In fact, some pool owners may not even be aware of this automatic cleaner option.

However, as smartphones and other advanced devices have become a part of daily life, consumers are growing more used to using technology in their homes, and demand for robotic cleaners is increasing. Pool professionals with a clear understanding of robotic cleaners’ benefits will be in a great position to cater to this growing customer base.

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Here are five key benefits to share with pool owners to help match them to the right robotic cleaner — and position yourself as the expert with the answers and service that provide value.

1. Easy Clean Canister

Many robotic pool cleaners make debris removal easy. And if the debris canister is cleaned after each cleaning cycle, it helps maintain the cleaner’s high performance for the lifetime of the canister. Pool pros can recommend that owners have two canisters on hand to make life even easier. A simple spray with clean water after each cleaning cycle combined with more thorough periodic canister cleaning (dish soap and water) is all that’s needed to protect and maximize a pool owner’s investment.

2. Shorter Cleaning Time

Many pool owners are used to running a pool cleaner for six hours or more. In general, using a robotic cleaner two to three times a week during normal, temperate weather for about two hours is all that’s needed to maintain a clean pool. Pool pros can help customers protect all of the cleaner’s parts and reduce energy use by educating them on the appropriate run time for their cleaner.

3. Scheduling and Settings

With top-of-the-line robotic pool cleaners, a pool pro or pool user can schedule when the cleaner will run, select what surfaces it will clean (just floor, just water line, all the pool surfaces, etc.) and program a host of other options. The flexibility of settings allows the cleaner’s usage to be customized to the pool owner's preferences. Pool pros can optimize a customer’s robotic pool cleaner for their unique environment and pool and the customer will love them for it.

4. Ensures Optimal Cleaning Patterns

Pool pros can also add value by helping the customer find the best location to place and run the robotic pool cleaner. Although the customer's GFCI outlet may be nearest to the narrow end of the pool, best installation practices call for the robot to enter the water in the center of the pool. Using this entry point for the robotic pool cleaner enables the most efficient and effective cleaning patterns. In addition to tangle-reducing swivel technology included on many robotic models, inserting the proper amount of cable into the pool is also a good way to reduce excessive twisting and achieve the best cleaning patterns.

5. On-the-Go Control

Some of the newest models allow users to utilize smartphone apps and a WiFi connection to manage cleaning schedules, settings and even control the cleaner on the go from wherever they are. For pool pros, this means they can help manage a customer’s cleaner without even visiting the home. For example, if a pool pro saw a customer’s cleaner is scheduled to clean between service visits but a storm is on the way, the pro could remotely adjust the scheduled cycle. Not only does remote servicing help the customer save money — something everyone appreciates — the pool pro is creating new opportunities to engage and build relationships with customers.

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Robotic pool cleaners are officially in the spotlight and pool pros have the opportunity to take advantage of this trend. The more a pool pro learns about product benefits, the more value they can add to customers. Even better, customers that feel they’re getting great value from their pool servicer are happy and serve as a great referral source.

Skye Svenningsen is a product manager at Zodiac Pool Systems.