Once water is properly tested, a prescription of chemicals is needed to leave it ready for use. Here, we take a look at pool and spa chemicals from manufacturers throughout the industry as you look to top up your chemical inventory.

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Introducing the newest product in Lonza's portfolio of innovative products and chemistries: the poolife Exclusive Pool Care Collection NST Extended Release Non-Stabilized Tablet. This product is a patent-pending sanitizer that utilizes a proprietary slow-dissolving technology with cal hypo to create a tablet that lasts for days. What's more — it does all this without adding any cyanuric acid to the water.
poolife.com | (800) 248-7665



Serum Watercare
Hot Tub Serum is an advanced spa cleaning system that consists of two parts. Part one is a purge product that removes biofilm and mold from inside the plumbing lines of any spa within 25 minutes. This gives the consumer or professional the ability to clean, drain and refill a spa faster than ever before. Part two is the weekly liquid maintenance dosage that keeps spa water crystal clear and prevents the recurring cycle of biofilm and bacteria from returning to the plumbing. Hot Tub Serum works with any sanitizer, and it makes any sanitizer much more effective.
serumwatercare.com | (844) 895-8688



Jack's Magic
Jack's Magic Natural Multi-Enzyme SUPER PACS are a unique blend of natural enzymes developed specifically for pools and spas. SUPER PACS combine the high performance of powerful multi-enzyme action with the biodegradable features of a truly "green" product. SUPER PACS break down oils, lotions, makeup and other common organic pool and spa contaminants, preventing scum line buildup and dull cloudy water. They're also highly concentrated — just one SUPER PAC treats up to 20,000 gallons of pool (or spa) water for two weeks.
jacksmagic.com | (727) 536-4500



Easy Care Water
Pooltec is a three-in-one product that kills and prevents all algae growth, clarifies water and boosts chlorine effectiveness up to six times. As an algaecide, it works fast with no chlorine loss; as a clarifier, it provides ultra-clear pool water while cutting chlorine use by 25 to 65 percent. Pooltec is ideal for winterizing, as its three features combine for a smoother opening season in spring.
easycarewater.com | (800) 289-7660



Capo Industries
Capo Industries, a leading manufacturer of pool and hot tub water treatment products for over 45 years, offers SpaBoss, a complete line of water treatment products including sanitizers, balancers and specialty chemical products. With SpaBoss, spa owners can maintain clean, safe, crystal-clear water with little effort.
capoindustries.com | (800) 263-8250



The PristineBlue line of products is a complete pool and spa care system. The cornerstone product is PristineBlue, a highly effective algaecide and non-public health bactericide. This direct-to-dealer line is not sold in mass retail, but through a limited network of authorized dealers. It provides brand loyalty, high profit margins and retention rates. It's effective and affordable. Added every two weeks, the concentrated liquid is easy to apply, gentle on eyes, skin, and equipment. The dealer focused business model is backed with exceptional customer support featuring a staff of CPO/CPT certified techs.
pristineblue.com | (800) 962-1492



Natural Chemistry
To meet the needs of today's busy pool owners, Pool Perfect Total is designed to triple clean for a perfect pool. First, its naturally based enzymes work to break down non-living organic waste buildup, reducing the frequency with which filters need to be cleaned. Second, it removes phosphates, which reduces time and effort needed to maintain the pool. Finally, the product contains an advanced clarification formula to polish the water to perfection.
naturalchemistry.com | (203) 295-2300



Aqua Blanket, from Lo-Chlor, is the "pool cover in a bottle" — meaning it provides the benefits of a pool cover without the hassle. While you cannot see, feel, smell or taste it, Aqua Blanket helps conserve heat during the colder months and suppresses pool water evaporation to save water. Made with a natural plant-derived formulation, Aqua Blanket is non-toxic and biodegradable. To use, apply one small dose each week. Safe for all pool surfaces, including vinyl.
lo-chlor.com | (800) 491-9810



AlgaeShield is a proprietary copper algaecide for use in chlorine, bromine, ozone and saltwater pools. Applied just once a month, it requires no pre-mixing. AlgaeShield is highly effective and holds copper tightly in solution while making it 100 percent available. It rapidly disperses to get copper where it needs to be, regardless of filter/pump design or filter time. AlgaeShield features an algae-free guarantee, making it an algaecide you'll definitely want to carry, the company says.
algaeshield.com | 800-257-9283



ProTeam, leading manufacturers of borate-technology pool and spa water treatment products, introduces PhosAway Extreme. This new product is 2 ½ times stronger than the leading national brands, the company says. Formulated for pools that are highly susceptible to phosphates, this product removes phosphate from pool water while helping to maintain water clarity and cleans lines without foam. Available in 1-quart bottles.
proteampoolcare.com | (800) 333-0400



Since 1994, PoolRx has provided a product that keeps customer satisfaction at 100 percent, provides incremental sales and increases customer retention. To use, choose the correct size unit and place in pump basket or skimmer. The chelated mineral formulation dissolves out of the cylinder and forms a stable residual throughout the pool or spa water, eliminating any existing algae and preventing algae from coming back for up to six months. The minerals free up low levels of chlorine to be more productive in the water, providing amazing clarity in even the toughest conditions, the company says.
poolrx.com | (800) 376-6579



Nature's Care
Nature's Care now offers the new Instant Cover, which instantly prevents heat loss due to evaporation. This environmentally friendly product provides an invisible layer of protection against evaporation while helping maintain water temperature. In addition, Instant Cover saves water by preventing evaporation and eliminates the need for cumbersome solar covers. To use, apply directly to the skimmer; only 2 ounces per 300 square feet of surface area are needed. Made in the U.S.
naturescarepool.com | (800) 333-0400



EZ Enzyme is a safe and naturally biodegradable product that reduces spa maintenance and produces naturally cleaner spa water. EZ Enzyme works by removing contaminants that cause odor, water lines and cloudy water while helping keep spa filters clean, reducing overall chemical usage and time spent cleaning filters. To use, simply apply to the spa while circulating at the lowest setting. Compatible with all sanitizing systems including chlorine, bromine, mineral cartridges, ozone and non-chlorine systems.
spapureusa.com | (800) 333-0400



The newly updated AquaFinesse Hot Tub Kits are more convenient than ever with improved all-in-one packaging. Ideal for three to five months of spa maintenance, each kit uses the patented AquaFinesse technology to proactively clean and condition water. With AquaFinesse, spa owners can enjoy a biofilm-free environment where sanitizers work better, spas stay cleaner, maintenance is simpler and water feels soft on the skin. Each kit contains two 2-liter bottles of AquaFinesse solution, measuring cup, sanitizer and instruction manual. Available with bromine tablets, trichlor tablets or dichlor powder.
aquafinesse.com | (866) 574-2782



Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner is a unique and environmentally friendly gel formula that, when used as directed, removes the build-up of biofilm — oils, lotions, cosmetics, exfoliated skin and other organic contaminants — from the plumbing, jets, and shell of typical hot tubs and jetted bathtubs. Also ideal for dealing with white mold and calcium stearate issues. Recommended by many manufacturers as the most effective and fastest "purge" product on the market, the company says.
ahhsome.com | (860) 896-0836



Bio-Dex Laboratories
Protect-All Supreme quickly removes and prevents stain and scale. To use, raise the water, apply the product and Protect-All Supreme will remove scale in 48 hours. Controls metals including rust, iron and corrosion problems, and helps stabilize pH. Completely stable and highly effective. One quart treats 20,000 gallons. In addition, Protect-All Supreme can be used as a tile cleaner and acid wash pre-treatment product; it can also be used in tandem with Aquadex 50 Stain-Off for quick metal removal.
bio-dex.com | (800) 617-3477



Axiall Corporation
The Sustain Pool Care System is a three-part system designed to deliver chlorine more evenly than conventional pool care chemical systems, the company says. Start with Sustain Summer Shield Liquid Chlorine Extender; applied once at pool opening, this stores excess chlorine and releases it when needed to prevent algae. Step two: Sustain Shield Energizer Tablets. Use these routinely to provide shocking protection and keep Summer Shield fully charged with a back-up reserve of chlorine. Finally, there's step three: Sustain 3-Inch Blue Chlorinating Tablets, which provides general sanitizing protection all week long.
askjoepool.com | (770) 395-4500



Periodic Products
The No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit by Periodic Products includes everything you need to remove metal stains and prevent them from coming back. Each kit treats 20,000 gallons and includes two powerful stain treatments; a phosphate-free, commercial-grade sequestering agent; and CuLator Metal Eliminator Ultra 4.0. Each kit comes complete with instructions.
periodicproducts.com | (877) 900-1213



Coral Seas
When the pool needs to be cleaned, you need Green To Clean. When used with EPA-registered chlorine, most algae cleanup is fast and guaranteed in any type of swimming pool, including vinyl liner pools, with no brushing required. Green To Clean is especially ideal for pool opening season. Does not contain sodium bromide. Compatible with salt generation systems.
green-to-clean.com | (800) 962-2222



Spec Chem Direct
Spec Chem Direct, a chemical manufacturer dedicated to only selling direct to brick-and-mortar dealers and service professionals, offers a phosphate remover called Starver X. Developed after three years of research and development, this proprietary solution is a unique blend of rare earth compounds and complex polymers that quickly reduces high phosphate levels to "starve" algae growth while enhancing the performance of other pool chemical treatments without clouding or fallout. Compatible with all sanitizer systems.
specchem.net | (425) 443-0082



PhosKlear 4000 is a two-in-one maintenance product uniquely formulated to remove phosphates while keeping water crystal clear by combining a powerful phosphate remover with SeaKlear's Chitosan Clarifier. This product removes up to 4,000 ppb of orthophosphates per 10,000 gallons of water, making it ideal for high-range phosphate removal.
seaklear.com | (800) 753-1233