• Atlantic City's Got it All

    by AQUA Editors January 2018

    The Pool & Spa Show

    Atlantic City Convention Center
    1 Convention Blvd, Atlantic City, N.J.

    Conference: January 22 – 25 Exhibits: January 23 – 25

    Exhibit Floor Hours Tuesday, January 23: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday, January 24: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday, January

  • Hiring Hot Tub Salespeople

    by Cailley Hammel January 2018

    Your top salesperson just gave his two weeks' notice. What do you do?

    For many hot tub dealers, the answer is "panic."

    Such a reaction is understandable — a hot tub dealer's revenue rests almost entirely on salespeople's shoulders. And in a field where great salesmanship hinges on thorough product knowledge, the idea of finding a new person, and starting from scratch, can sound intimidating.

    The pool and spa industry may be known for long tenures, but eventually,...

  • Boost Your Net Income

    by Erik Taylor January 2018

    Have you ever heard that phrase, "Time is Money?" Yeah, I have too. We all know what that means, but do we actually apply it in our pool businesses? If not, we are leaving money on the table, plain and simple. If you are not as time efficient as you would like, then read along and see if you can't save some time and make more money!

    Below we'll work through a few scenarios and see potentially how many pools a day poor time management is costing your company. For easy math we'll use...

  • Why Your Windows Matter

    by Alice Cunningham January 2018

    I’d like to talk about windows. Not Microsoft Windows or metaphorical windows of opportunity, but actual windows, as in your storefront windows.

    My husband Blair and I were in San Francisco awhile back, riding a cable car on California Street. It struck me that every fourth or fifth shop had clean sparking windows, but all the rest were dirty and dingy. "Who would want to go into places that look so uninviting?" I wondered.

    I’ll admit that I’m passionate about clean windows....

  • 2018 Retail Forecast

    by Phillip M. Perry January 2018

    More fair weather ahead: That's the short, sweet economic forecast for 2018. Retailers should benefit from an improving employment picture, growing disposable consumer income and an easy credit environment.

    "The United States economy continues to power forward," says Sophia Koropeckyj, managing director...

  • The Magic Words in Business: "Thank You"

    by Alice Cunningham December 2017

    When you’re selling hot tubs, you’re dealing with customers making a big investment, who often bring big expectations to the table. Sometimes, they might show up with significant problems or complaints. You get to control how that conversation goes by the way you respond. My advice: Hear them out and thank them for their input. Even if you can’t immediately solve the issue, you can maintain a positive relationship.

    The first step is to listen actively — not defensively — to what...

  • Walkin' 'Round a Pool Store Wonderland

    by Kathryn Howard December 2017

    As we’ve discussed time and time again, one of the best ways to battle big box stores and e-tailers is to make your store an “experience.”

    For mom-and-pop stores, that may be easier said than done. However, some retailers are taking advantage of the holiday season by decking the halls with elaborate displays that help draw in...

  • Eric Herman Commentary: Holiday Cheer

    by Eric Herman December 2017

    When Charles Dickens wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...” in “A Tale of Two Cities,”  it’s almost as if he was projecting into the future and seeing how the world might look here in the second decade of the 21st  century.

    On one hand, we’re in a period of fantastic economic expansion. The pool/spa/aquatics industry is benefiting from rising housing prices and an overall burgeoning economy. Practically everyone we talk to is experiencing sturdy revenues, if...

  • Q&A with Roberta Prygon, Pleatco's 2017 Perfect Pool Gal

    by Cailley Hammel December 2017

    At The Pool & Spa Place (Cranbury, N.J.), Roberta Prygon is the glue that holds everything together. As acting general manager, she has a hand in all facets of the business, from managing the construction crew and creating service routes to overseeing...

  • Q&A With Paul Oliver, Pleatco's 2017 Perfect Pool Guy

    by Scott Webb December 2017

    There are several reasons Paul Oliver of Patriot Pool and Spa (Austin, Texas) is this year's Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy. Some of them were listed by Howard Smith, CEO of Pleatco, at the awards ceremony in Orlando.

    "When we made the calls to Paul's...