• Influence pool and spa sales with ease

    by December 2009

    Quick, what's the typical greeting used most often by 60 percent of retail stores? You're right if you guessed, "Can I help you?" The visitor's usual response: "No thanks, just looking." This greeting only reminds visitors that they're not here to buy. It's a lousy selling strategy.

    The way you and your front-line employees greet walk-in customers has a huge impact on your bottom line. Here are some tips to ensure that you and your employees greet customers in a...

  • Six ways to create a culture of gratitude in your organization

    by Dottie DeHart November 2009

    Whether you're a leader or an employee, you can benefit from a grateful workplace. (For one thing, it's good for business. For another, it just feels better!) Author Liz Jazwiec explains how anyone at any level can infuse gratitude into their organizational culture.

    Here's a question just in time for Thanksgiving: Does your organization encourage a culture of gratitude? Chances are the answer is no. According to a recent Gallup poll, 65 percent of people say they don't feel...

  • Retailing spa fragrances and salts

    by Barrett Kilmer October 2009

    Strategic placement of the impulse item is a retail sales strategy as old as retailing itself. Who hasn't bowed to the temptation to throw a pack of gum, a bottle of hand sanitizer or a Snickers bar in before the cashier totals your purchase?

    It's a tactic spa and pool retailers employ often, and one of the items they've had a lot of success with is spa fragrances, which in addition to beefing up...

  • Getting the retail store ready for the holiday season

    by Phillip M. Perry October 2009

    Get ready, retailers: Here comes the most important holiday season in memory. While Christmas sales are critical to success every year, this time around everyone's looking for some really festive revenues to help make up for a difficult 2009.

    Given the current unemployment levels and the pullback in consumer spending, of course, no one is expecting a door-busting bonanza. Even so, signs...

  • California pool pump laws going nationwide

    by Scott Webb October 2009

    A long time ago, it might seem, the state of California startled the nation by announcing that it really didn't have enough generating capacity to meet the energy needs of its citizens, and would have to begin rationing power using "rolling brownouts."

    Elsewhere across the nation, most pool builders took little notice of the fact beyond perhaps a kindhearted concern for their...

  • Profile of spa and hot tub dealers surviving in a tough economy

    by Scott Webb September 2009

    No need to dwell on the latest economic news. What matters is what a dealership does today to stay active in the market and sell merchandise.

    AQUA talked to several dealers that are taking in truckloads of spas and selling them to customers at a time when that takes a little more than it used to.

    Case #1: Orley's | Medford, Ore.
    Heat is still in style

    There are several factors behind the steady progress at Orley's despite the countervailing economic winds. As...

  • Marketing automatic pool covers in a tough economy

    by Scott Webb September 2009

    It's no secret that the automatic pool cover is a growth-oriented product, well-positioned for the future. And the reason is clear - its principal benefits are energy conservation and pool safety at a time when the most prominent market drivers are, coincidentally, energy conservation and pool safety.

    But like every other segment of the pool market, the recession has forced a...

  • Retailer uses Google Earth to sell automatic pool covers

    by Scott Webb September 2009

    Scott WebbFor a living, as a means of securing food for the kids and my wife's ongoing support and admiration, I call people in the pool and spa industry - retailers, distributors, service people and manufacturers.

    All kinds of people. Some are reserved and suspicious, others brisk and officious. Some are rude and condescending. Every once in a while, you run across an...

  • Changing the way to sell pools and spas in a tough economy

    by Merry Wise September 2009

    The one thing that never changes in the pool and spa business is that it always changes. Learn to develop strategies for tough times, unexpected crises, changes in your market and competitive situations, or you will not survive in any business, especially this one.

    In our 39 years in the pool trade, we have reinvented the wheel numerous times, yet there are still surprises and the need to think outside of that lovely, comfortable box lined with money we would all like to...

  • Be successful at retailing spa step and surrounds

    by Jenna Danninger August 2009

    Spa accessories may not be your biggest money makers, but they are an important source of income. And if marketed the right way, not only will they bring in extra dollars, but they'll keep the store traffic steady.

    "We've been doing really well with surrounds," says Bill Allan, owner of Coastal Hot Spring Spas in Anaheim, Calif. "Our key is the way we display them."

    Showing Off