• Spas: The Straight Story

    by Barrett Kilmer January 2002

    Last spring, hot tubs made headlines in the Northwest as utilities, local governments and the media, looking for something to blame in the face of a potential energy crisis, painted portable hot tubs as major energy wasters, tying them to the perceived "California Lifestyle" of selfishness and decadence. The negative image stuck, and the industry scrambled to find ways to set the record...

  • Assuming Leadership

    by David Cohn January 2001

    Remember the statistic that I quoted in my February column. Seven out of every 10 family-owned businesses don't make it through the second generation. That means either entrepreneurs make poor teachers, or their kids aren't paying much attention.

    The problem with this factoid is that it doesn't carry much weight with risk-takers like you. Small-business people have already beaten the odds in the first place, and they don't care about adversity, or at least...