Big news in the hot tub industry: MAAX Spas Industries Corporation has acquired L.A. Spas, making it one of the largest hot tub and swim spa manufacturers in North America. 

This marks MAAX Spas’ second acquisition since being acquired by Brookfield in 2008. “This move supplements MAAX Spas’ strengths, which include developing market-driven products, best-in-class manufacturing and an unwavering commitment to customer care,” says John Johnson, President of MAAX Spas. “By consolidating all operations into our Chandler facility, we will realize greater economies of scale, allowing us to deliver more value to our retail partners.” 

Beginning three years ago with a redefined strategic position, L.A. Spas invested in new products, expanded its distribution channels, and grew revenue by 55 percent. Going forward, the L.A. Spas brand and its 37-country specialty retailer network will continue to retain its own distinct identity. 

“With this transaction, we’ve been able to accomplish two things that were important to me,” says Brad de Koning, CEO of L.A. Spas. “First, L.A. Spas’ specialty retailers will be the beneficiaries of expanded marketing resources with which to drive sales growth and, in turn, profitability; second, our products will be manufactured in the USA by one of the best capitalized companies in this industry.” 

Emil Nygard, VP of MAAX Spas, says the L.A. Spas acquisition will have a tremendous effect on MAAX Spas’ entire business. 

“With this acquisition, MAAX Spas will be in a terrific position to continue the growth of all our brands. Operational efficiencies will support product innovation plans, while expanding our distribution network will make both national and international marketing programs more effective, ultimately creating more sales for all our dealers.”