Pool season is just on the horizon — which means its time to get your showroom, store shelves and trucks loaded with the latest the industry has to offer. This month, we have a new spa model, an automatic pool cleaner, chemicals and more.

Inter-Fab now offers a vinyl pool liner anchor that allows pool professionals to easily add in-pool tables and stools to a vinyl liner pool. Ideal for mounting on sun-shelves, tanning ledges and shallow ends, this anchor allows vinyl liner pool customers to have a table on a tanning ledge or a swim up table with bar stools. Inter-Fab's anchor offers an exclusive ring seal (similar to return jet fitting) that provides a clean, finished look, as well as a new bonding lug to bond the anchor to the pool floor.
inter-fab.com | (800) 737-5386



Coast Spas
The Element is a new 7-foot model from Coast Spas. Features seating for up to six adults, a newly developed non-float lounger and integrated internal steps for entry and exit — all with a tight footprint, making it ideal for space-conscious homeowners. Comes standard with Coast Spas' commercial-grade Hydro Cyclonic filtration system and several variations of jet quantities and standard features.
coastspas.com | (604) 514-8111



Zodiac Pool Products
The new Polaris 9650iQ Sport provides premium robotic cleaning performance with the convenience of iAquaLink control. By connecting to a home's Wi-Fi network, the Polaris 9650iQ Sport makes life easier for pool owners, builders and servicers by allowing access to real-time scheduling, programming and troubleshooting from any smart device using the iAquaLink app. The Polaris 9650iQ Sport is part of Zodiac's Trade Series Exclusive lineup of products intended for sale only by brick-and-mortar dealers, and is not available for resale on the internet.
polarispool.com | (800) 822-7933



Natural Chemistry
PRO SERIES Pipe Purge attacks the root cause of common pool and spa maintenance issues: buildup of non-living organic waste. Pipe Purge cleans inside pool and spa plumbing using SmartZyme technology, which helps break down and remove oils, lotions, sunscreen, cosmetics, hair products and more. These non-living contaminants often build up in the plumbing and filters, leading to issues like cloudy water, clogged filters, foaming, unpleasant odors and tough scum rings. By purging the pool or spa of these non-living contaminants, problems can be reduced to allow for superior water clarity with less work.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233



SeaKlear Free & Klear offers a three-in-one formula that simplifies weekly pool maintenance by combining the original chitosan clarifier, a phosphate remover and enzymes. This highly concentrated formula effectively replaces multiple bottle systems, saving time and effort needed for pool maintenance. Provides year round phosphate control with enzymes and a chitosan clarifier to reduce oils and scum lines.
seaklear.com | (866) 995-5327



Pentair Commercial
Pentair Commercial Aquatics has improved its popular commercial-grade IntelliChlor for on-site chlorine generation on high-end residential and semi-commercial swimming pools. The new-and-improved Commercial IntelliChlor electrolytic chlorine generator offers the option of choosing from 2 pounds/day chlorination output with 1 cell all the way up to 32 pounds/day with 16 cells.
pentaircommercial.com | (800) 831-7133