Spa and pool retailers aren’t the only ones getting beat up by online competition. In fact, most retail categories fare far worse than we do. Few, however, have suffered like the local record store.

There was a time when every decent-sized city across the country had several record stores, but today the number has dwindled. Etail giants like Amazon struck the first blow by selling on low margins and delivering to doorsteps, then streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music delivered a knockout punch by making the very idea of owning music seem positively passe to young music aficionados.

But there are some survivors, including the Bull Moose record store chain in New England. They’ve managed to stay on their feet and are fighting back by focusing on the customer’s in-store experience — something we all know Amazon and Apple can’t compete with.

“They are not selling essentials, but rather selling products appealing to their customers’ discretionary time and discretionary income,” retail-development consultant Nick Egelanian told Retail Dive. “More importantly, they are selling something well beyond media and accessories. They are selling a combination of unique products, throwback experiences and person service that amounts to an entire experience in itself.”

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