• Lifeguard Shortage Threatens Pool Closures, Challenges Industry

    by Eric Herman May 2019

    From coast to coast, a widespread shortage of lifeguards is causing closures and limited hours of operation for public swimming pools and aquatic facilities.

    “We’re having to downsize. It’s pretty challenging. We’ve put our brains together and worked this through. We came up with what we think is the best for safety and the quality of our patrons without overworking our staff,” said Sylvia Gurtowski, the manager of City Pool in Vicksburg, Miss., to a reporter with the Vicksburg...

  • World's Largest Swimming Lesson Celebrates 10th Anniversary

    by AQUA Editors May 2019

    Following the celebration of National Water Safety Month, the 2019 World's Largest Swimming Lesson will take place on Thursday, June 20. Organizers are urging aquatic facilities of all types to show their love for water safety and drowning prevention by registering as an official 2019 host location.

    The purpose of the lesson is to provide kids and parents exposure to life-saving water...

  • Poisonous Toads Invade Florida Pools

    by Eric Herman April 2019

    While spring is the time when people return to pools in droves, not all aquatic incursions are welcome. In fact, some can be downright hazardous. Such is the case with cane toads, an invasive species of toad that is both poisonous and capable of reproducing in huge numbers under favorable swimming pools.

    Case in point, the great...

  • New Guidelines Advise Swim Lessons Begin at Age 1

    by AQUA Editors March 2019

    With drowning the leading cause of injury death in the U.S. for children ages one through four, the American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines recommending kids should start swimming lessons at the age of one.

    Infants are most likely to drown in bathtubs or buckets while preschoolers are most at risk in swimming pools. “If they have any mode of transportation to get to a body of water, [children] are at risk of drowning or getting in trouble in water anyhow,” says Marci...

  • CMAHC Launches New Study on Air Quality at Public Pools

    by AQUA Editors March 2019

    The Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code is partnering with Purdue University and Michigan State University to conduct a study on indoor air quality at public pools.

    More specifically, the study will determine the exact operating conditions for indoor pools that will help prevent the buildup of disinfection byproducts. DBPs are formed when the chlorine used in pools to kill germs binds to the body waste swimmers bring into the pools (sweat, urine, etc.). When DBPs build up in...

  • Unlicensed FL Contractor Causes Popped Pool

    by AQUA Editors February 2019

    A Tampa family’s pool now sits three feet aboveground with most of its deck destroyed after they hired an unlicensed contractor, James Feliciano, to do renovation work.

    “It is a nightmare really,” homeowner Chad Peasley told ABC Action News. He says the pool popped out of the ground after most of its water was drained.

    Peasley only learned that Florida law requires licensed contractors to make major pool renovations following the incident, which — after the family contacted...

  • Parents Line Up For Swim Lessons

    by Eric Herman November 2018

    Way back in 2011, I covered a story from India about a public pool that had hundreds of people lining up for memberships. At the time, it seemed like one of those things that would only happen in a country where public facilities, including pools, are in short supply. I never imagined something similar might happen in the U.S.

    All these years later, it happened here. Back in October, the

  • URGENT: Hurricane Florence Recovery Resources

    by AQUA Editors September 2018

    As Hurricane Florence descends on the Carolina coast, APSP is reaching out to its members in the area urging them to seek shelter and to stay safe. It’s also reminding everyone that resources are available to help those affected by the storm in the days and weeks to follow.

    If your business is impacted by the storm, please do not hesitate to contact the Member Services team at or call (703)...

  • Disneyland Paris Pool Evacuated After Chemical Blunder  

    by Abigail Carpenter August 2018

    Emergency services were called to the New York Hotel at Disneyland Paris on Friday after 22 people were accidentally poisoned by a mix-up in pool chemicals. According to local sources, three hotel employees and one guest were transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

    Staff called...

  • Fighting the Global Spread of Cryptosporidium

    by AQUA Editors June 2018

    Cryptosporidium outbreaks have become big news, both globally and for the recreational aquatics industry in the United States.

    A recent report from the CDC revealed that from 2000 through 2014 there were 493 reported outbreaks of Cryptosporidiosis in public aquatic facilities, resulting in at least 27,219 illnesses and eight deaths. The report has generated countless, often sensational stories in news sources online, in print and on television.

    The disturbing numbers are...