• Meet the 2018 Pleatco Perfect Pool Gal

    by AQUA Editors December 2018

    Like countless others, it was family ties that first led Andrea Nannini to the pool and spa industry. At 18 years old, she followed her mom to a pool service company as a way to make ends meet, but little did she know it would ultimately become a career — not to mention a career where she would rise to the...

  • Meet the 2018 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy

    by AQUA Editors December 2018

    Dick Abare embodies the "love what you do" mentality — even after an impressive 45 years in the pool and spa industry, he's nowhere near ready to quit. Abare owns Algae Busters, a Tampa, Fla.,-based service company with only three employees on the payroll: his wife, his brother and himself. While the company...

  • What Did You Learn This Last Year?

    by Tom Grandy December 2018

    Most of us have heard, "Do you have thirty years' experience or one year of experience repeated thirty times?" The other one we have heard is, "The definition of insanity is 'Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results!'" The point is the same in either case. Are we learning and changing?

    As the new year begins soon, it's important to reflect on our victories as well as our failures. What did the company do really well over the past year, and, just as...

  • Lower the Risk of Legionellosis

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018

    2017 saw a rash of Legionella outbreaks at public swimming pools and spas. In July, three members of a Gold's Gym in Kennewick, Wash., fell ill with Legionnaire's disease, a type of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. In May, the community pool and spa at Foothill Ranch in Lake Forest, Calif., closed...

  • Enter Our Filthiest Filter Contest

    by AQUA Editors December 2018

    Time is running out to enter our Filthiest Filter Contest! Submissions close Sunday, Dec. 16, at midnight.

    Each day, thousands of you venture off to...

  • Disciplining Employees: What to Keep in Mind

    by Erik Taylor December 2018

    One of the most challenging things you take on as a manager is disciplining employees. You have to walk a fine line: If you’re too easy on them, you won’t be taken seriously, and if you come down too hard, you’ll have a lot of turnover.

    Turnover is especially important to consider. It’s a job candidate’s market right now, meaning employees are hard to find in just about any line of work — but for the trades in particular. Given the time and training it takes to get a new person up...

  • Giving Thanks Year-Round Can Help Business

    by AQUA Editors December 2018

    Gratitude should not stop after Thanksgiving is over. In fact, we should be giving thanks all year-round, especially business owners. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, showing gratitude can strengthen business relationships, extend goodwill and even re-establish one’s brand.

    Here are ways employers can best say “thank you” to their customers and employees to benefit business.


    Customers, new or old, help to...

  • Pool Care and Repair After Wildfires

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018

    Last year was one of California's most devastating wildfire seasons in recorded history. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the Golden State saw more than 7,500 fires consume 1.6 million acres of land. And in November, the Woolsey Fire and Camp Fires caused unprecedented damage, becoming California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record

    With a new year before us and wildfire season just around the corner, here are some tips for...

  • Retail Turnover Rate Rises

    by AQUA Editors December 2018

    The retail employee turnover rate is very high this holiday season, with retail workers leaving their positions for “better opportunities/promotions” and a desire for more money and hours.

    A new survey on the top U.S. retailers by Korn Ferry found that the retail employee turnover rate is up by nearly a third of survey respondents (29 percent) since the beginning of 2018. “Of all retail positions, part-time hourly store employees have the highest turnover rate, with an 81 percent...

  • The Basics: Boric Acid and Sodium Borates

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018


    A few quick facts about boric acid and sodium borates:

    • Used as a pH buffer in swimming pools (against increases in pH)

    • Helps to limit algae growth (acts as an algaestat)

    • Lowers chlorine demand

    • Additional benefits may include reduced corrosion

    • Recommended dose