• Service Recovery

    by John Tschohl November 2003

    Show me a company that has never made a mistake in serving a customer, and I'll show you a company that is in deep denial. Every company — no matter how excellent its products or employees — occasionally makes a mistake. How those companies and their employees respond to those mistakes, however, is what separates successful, customer-service-driven organizations from the rest of the pack.

    Companies that are committed to service recovery know they...

  • Service Industry

    by Kirstin Pires September 2003

    In preparation for this year's edition of the AQUA 100, we sat down recently to go over just about every detail of our awards program, now in its 14th year.

    We looked at everything from the layout of the entry form to the deadlines and staff allocations for the project. And most importantly, we considered the questions we ask and the kinds of information we gather. We spent a lot of time talking about customer service — what questions should we ask so...

  • Special Challenges? Specialty Chemicals!

    by Scott Webb July 2003

    Pretend we're at the AQUA Show in Las Vegas, where, you know, wagering is allowed. You get a call on your cell phone. It's one of your customers, and she's got a big pool problem. What's your bet. Stains. A 20,000-gallon fiberglass bowl of orangeade. Backyard pool now a backyard pond?

    You might make a little money here, because each dealership has its characteristic pool problems. That's because although algae is basically algae, and dissolved iron is iron,...

  • Keeping Your Employees Motivated in Turbulent Time

    by AQUA Editors January 2002

    Keeping Your Employees Motivated in Turbulent Times

    By Ed Rigsbee, CSP

    Ed Rigsbee, CSP, author of PartnerShift — How to Profit from the Partnering Trend, is a freelance columnist. His Partnering University Web site is located at

    As a business owner or manager you are currently dealing with two crucial...