• Will Incentives Help Curtail the Labor Shortage?

    by AQUA Editors May 2018

    The labor shortage continues to be a top concern for pool and spa professionals. With a large base of professionals looking to retire — or simply find a couple employees to keep business running smoothly — as well as a generational shift away from careers in the trades, it’s harder than ever to compete for candidates. Simply put, it’s the candidate’s market.

    The shrinking candidate pool has pushed some cities to come up with incentive programs designed to lure new talent. As the

  • Can a Good Economy Be TOO Good?

    by Mario Rossetti May 2018

    What a difference a few months make. Prior to this past November we were suffering through a down economy that lasted for nearly the entire previous decade. ("Down" is a politically correct term. Actually, the economy was lousy, crummy, miserable — well, you remember.) However, after November everything changed — and quickly. To say that we’ve rebounded would be huge understatement. We are soaring and growing at a rate that most thought impossible just a few short months ago. But, can...

  • "Suite" App, Bro!

    by Kathryn Howard May 2018

    One of the next generation's greatest assets is their entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Armed with tech skills and a creative spirit, the young people coming into the workforce have a reputation for developing innovative tools.

    Some, like Cameron Craig, bring that...

  • May 2018 New Spa and Pool Products

    by AQUA Editors May 2018

    Looking for new products? Look no further. Here we have a leak detector, a drowning alarm system and a spa cover/day bed, to name a few.



    Natural Chemistry

  • Aquatic Leaders Unite to Promote National Water Safety Month

    by AQUA Editors May 2018

    A coalition of water safety partners, including the American Red Cross, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, the National Recreation and Park Association, the World Waterpark Association and several other water safety groups, will work together to promote May as National Water Safety Month. National Water Safety Month is a campaign held during the month of May that raises awareness about water safety and highlights the importance pf public education regarding safer practices for...

  • Rites of Passage For the Service Pro

    by Steve Goodale April 2018

    Every industry has idiosyncrasies; the swimming pool industry just has a lot more of them. It's really on a different level than say, the grocery industry. The largely unregulated nature of the pool and spa market allows for, and even encourages, unique characters to pick up a pole and call themselves service professionals.

    But while almost anyone can say they're a qualified service technician, it's experience that separates the pros from the posers. In order to provide a benchmark,...

  • Filter Media: Glass Gains

    by Scott Webb April 2018

    A sand filter is filled with sand, right?

    That used to be true, but more pool professionals across the country are filling sand filters with a granular mix of crushed, recycled glass — despite its higher cost. Reasons for this media migration range from performance to convenience to the desire to help the planet (or at least make customers feel like they're helping the planet).

    AQUA spoke with three pool companies across the country — one from the West, one from the East and...

  • Chemical and Sanitizing Equipment Regulation, Explained

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) April 2018

    Although some members of the industry are unaware of the fact, the U.S. government regulates pool and spa chemicals and sanitizing equipment through an involved process designed to ensure these products’ safety and efficacy. It’s helpful to know something about the regulations and the process by which manufacturers achieve approval (registration) for their products.

    The EPA is the branch of government that handles this function. The Agency refers to organisms like algae, bacteria...

  • Skimmer Replacement, Part 2: In With the New

    by Steve Swanson April 2018

    This is the second entry in our two-part series about skimmer replacement. To see Part 1, click here.

    Last month we looked at the first steps in the skimmer replacement process. That included assessing the damage, planning the work and discussing a range of possible issues that could impact the scope of work with the client. Then we...

  • APSP Announces New Commercial Council

    by AQUA Editors April 2018

    APSP announces the formation of its new Commercial Council, a group dedicated to tackling key issues, risks and opportunities facing the design, construction, operation and servicing of commercial pools and spas.

    “As APSP sharpens our focus on advancing the industry and its interest, we look forward to strengthening the commercial pool and spa industry segment,” says APSP president and CEO Lawrence Caniglia. “The creation of this council helps us keep moving the industry...