• What Customers Need To Know About Maintaining Salt Chlorine Pools

    by Karen Erstad August 2011

    photo of flotation air mattress in a pool
    photo courtesy Evan Leeson | Flickr

    If perception is reality, then some homeowners may need your help adjusting how they see pool maintenance with a salt chlorine generator. While pools with these generators do typically require less maintenance than a traditionally chlorinated pool, there's still a little work...

  • New Pool And Spa Products For July 2011

    by AQUA Editors July 2011 553-5320

    VynAll's new Chesapeake vinyl-liner pattern is printed on a medium-blue base color,...

  • AQUA's Look At The Latest In Access Equipment

    by Scott Webb July 2011

    With new rules coming into effect from the Americans with Disabilities Act, access equipment will become a much more common sight alongside America's pools. Here are some excellent offerings from leading manufacturers.

    Aqua Creek Products

  • Sell Them The Right Filter

    by Elissa Sard Pollack July 2011

    The pros and cons of the main types of pool filters — sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), cartridge — are generally well known in the pool industry. But which is the best filter for a particular job? Which is best for the environment? And is the most environmentally friendly filter necessarily best for every job?

    At the fundamental level, sand filters are easiest to maintain because cleaning them requires only turning a backwash valve. Simple enough. Plus, the sand inside a sand filter...

  • Leaking Pipe Responsible For 65,000 Gallons Draining Out Of YMCA Pool

    by AQUA Editors July 2011

    Imagine showing up early Monday morning at your local pool, expecting to take an aquatic exercise class as you usually do, but discovering the pool empty — completely bone dry. This happened to a few ladies earlier this year when they arrived at the Johnstown, Pa., YWCA pool.

    The pool is almost 78 years old, but in all those years, the people who ran it never had a problem like this. Workers said the pool was full when they left on a Saturday afternoon, but by the following...

  • ADA: The New VGB?

    by Scott Webb July 2011

    photo of a binder loaded with pages

    It's not déjà vu, but it does seem like we've been here before. Fresh from an industry-shaking experience with VGB, another government mandate has arrived which will force public pool operators to spend money on pool equipment/alterations they hadn't planned for. This one's called ADA.

    It somehow seems a little easier this...

  • Creating A Great Web Site With Great SEO

    by Karen Erstad July 2011

    photo of a construction crane lowering a letter w to the groundHere's a stat to chew on: The average attention span on the Internet is between four and 10 seconds. "It's really frightening," says Jon Gelberg, chief content officer at Blue Fountain Media in New York, N.Y. "When people come to your home page, if they don't immediately get what makes you better than the...

  • Epic Dust Storm in Phoenix Keeping Pool Techs Busy

    by Karen Erstad July 2011

    Ugly Pool Guy logo, Phoenix, AZA massive dust storm hit the Phoenix area July 5, leaving thousands of residents — and their homes and pools — covered with dust.

    According to the National Weather Service, the dust storm was estimated to reach a peak height of at least 5,000 to 6,000 (about a mile) with an aerial coverage on the leading edge stretching...

  • Making Pool Cover Estimates? There's An App For That

    by Scott Webb July 2011

    photo of mobile devices with screens showing LOOP-LOC infoBeginning this summer, LOOP-LOC dealers will be able to order products, check estimates and even submit pool measurements for safety covers directly from any mobile device at their jobsite.

    The Hauppauge, N.Y., company will roll out the pool cover industry's first mobile application for dealers in July. The...

  • New Winter Pool Cover Comes Without Straps

    by Scott Webb July 2011

    photo of strapless pool cover

    Strapless Style

    Innovation has come to the industry in the form of a new type of pool cover that eschews the traditional grid of straps across the width of the cover in favor of a welded single-piece design. This makes the cover more aesthetically pleasing to customers, says Bob Hotaling, inventor of the cover and president of...