• Eco-friendly approaches to clean pool water

    by Karen Erstad September 2010

    photo of green-treated poolIf all green products did was save our planet, they wouldn't be so darn popular. Fortunately for Mother Earth, eco-friendly practices can make fiscal sense, as well. In 2008, American consumers doubled their spending on sustainable products and services to an estimated $500 billion, according to a survey of more than a 1,000 people by Penn Schoen Berland...

  • It's time for traditional pool winterizing practices to evolve

    by Terry Arko September 2010

    Any parent of small children knows that when you put your child to bed for the night, you will at some point need to check and make sure that they are settled and asleep. When you winterize a pool you are in a sense putting it to bed for the winter. However, most pool professionals put their pools to bed and forget about them until the next spring. In today's world, it might be wiser to check on the pool before it's time to wake it up in the spring - to avoid challenging pool...

  • Pool filtration: Cellulose fiber gains on DE

    by Jenna Danninger July 2010

    In speaking with some of the industry's top cellulose fiber distributors, one fact is touted more often than others: its biodegradable and non-toxic makeup mark cellulose fiber filter media as a finer filter alternative. They believe that when given a choice between the more common players - cellulose, DE, sand and cartridge - cellulose will always prove to be the best bet, not only for clear, pristine water, but for the environment.

    A Breath Of Fresh Air


  • Automatic sanitizing is clearly the way of the future

    by Scott Webb July 2010

    The natural evolution of any system, over time, is toward greater automation. Once we dumped chlorine into pools by hand, from a bucket, using a measuring cup (of course, some still do). More and more pool owners are coming to prefer equipment that will handle the task for them. Not only does it relieve the responsibility, but it does a better job.

    That's just the way of the...

  • Prevention programs stop algae menace before it starts

    by Scott Webb June 2010

    Phosphates have been floating around in pools since the Romans built the first tepidarium. They come from a variety of places - bathers, the environment and even source water. And for a long time it's been generally known that they are excellent food for algae.

    Still, traditionally, the most common approach to the problem of algae in pools has been to fight it with chlorine, and when...

  • Q&A with pool service technician Javier Payan

    by Scott Webb May 2010

    1. One thing apparent from our survey was that the service sector has held up very well in a down economy. Has that drawn new people into service in your area?

    Yes, we've seen that. As opposed to retailers opening up new service branches or new service startups, what we're seeing more of is builders getting into service because they're not building a lot of pools, and they need the work. Most of the shops that do retail around here already do service.

    First it...

  • Q&A with Todd Starner, director of IPSSA Region 11

    by Scott Webb May 2010

    1. The general economy in 2009 was down in most areas of the U.S. How did that affect service in your part of Florida?

    There have been a lot of foreclosures in Florida, but that's not been a problem for service companies. For every pool lost to foreclosure there's a bank or real estate company that needs a service person to clean up a pool and get it ready to sell.

    At the same time, with the number of new pools down, some pool builders have gotten into service...

  • Q&A with pool service technician Kirt Kleiner

    by Scott Webb May 2010

    1. Last year was a good year?

    Yes, 2009 was a good year for us. We increased our business a small amount. Being cautious, we were expecting a bit of a pullback, and instead we grew by about 5 percent.

    2. A common concern in the AQUA survey was unlicensed competition. Is that a problem in the Pittsburgh area?

    We don't really have a big...

  • Retirement plans bring nest eggs and employee satisfaction

    by Phillip M. Perry March 2010

    Saving for retirement is a laudable goal that often gets put on the back burner. Wouldn't it be great if you and your employees were able to build those savings while lowering your tax burdens?

    You can achieve both goals by establishing an employer-sponsored retirement plan for your workers. It's a terrific perk that helps convey a sense of goodwill toward your top talent.

    "For the small business owner, retirement plans are attractive for two reasons," says Barry R....

  • Profile of pool and spa service products

    by Barrett Kilmer March 2010

    A pool service technician's main tools are simple ones: poles, brushes and bottles of chemicals. These indispensible implements are found in any truck and are used so often they barely have a chance to get dry. Dig a little deeper into the back of a well-equipped service truck, though, and you'll find a small warehouse of items meant to clean the toughest stains, diagnose the most mysterious...