One of the most popular pages on most websites is the “About Us” page. Research shows visitors typically click those first. Why? People want to know something about a company before doing business with it. I sure you look at "About Us" pages too when you’re shopping.

Many hot tub companies miss this opportunity to make a meaningful connection. Often, you’ll just see bland lines like “Here at ABC Hot Tubs, we’re really great people, we love our customers and we’ve been in business for X years.” That’s kind of namby pamby “About Us” is one of my pet peeves. Prospective buyers come to your site for more than that. Reward them. If you don’t reward that curiosity, you're losing more business than you know! 

When we owned Olympic Hot Tub, I created a page called "Our Story" for exactly that reason. On that page, we posted photos of my husband Blair and me. We crafted a thoughtful, detailed description of who we were and why we were in the hot tub business. We told the whole story of how we met, how we got started, why we did what we did, the history of how our business developed, the value we promised to bring to the customer and more.

The reader loves that kind of personalized detail. It shows that you care about being part of the business community; that you are committed to providing quality products, services and value; and that you truly respect your customers and anyone who takes the time to look at your site. They get a sense of who you are, what you’re about, and what you look like. They’ll go away knowing that you’re trustworthy, professional, helpful and friendly.

Ever post a job opening on your website? I can guarantee that before anyone applies, he or she will read your “About Us” page. If it’s bland and blah, you’ll never even get a resume.

When people come to your "About Us" page, tell the story that only you can tell — your own. You’ll make them want to be a part of it.