• It's All in the Details

    by David Owens November 2016

    It's human nature to want something most other people don't have. At least, that's true of most of the homeowners I work for these days. For the past several years, I've deliberately nurtured a reputation for a my unique style of work, an approach based largely on the way I include artistic and otherwise unique details and features.

    So far, it's worked out pretty well. In fact, as it stands, I've been turning away some clients and have been forced to make others wait longer than I...

  • This Outdoor Chair Will Grow on You

    by Cailley Hammel November 2016

    When you think of a lawn chair, you tend to think of something like a classic Adirondack, or aluminum chairs with tube or nylon webbing. Studio Nucleo, on the other hand, has invented its own lawn chair — emphasis on the lawn part.

    Meet the Terra chair, a piece of outdoor furniture that is quite...

  • Success Beyond the Pool

    by Christopher Anderson November 2016

    For the past several years, we've often heard that there are great potential rewards waiting for pool designers and builders who work beyond the water's edge. It's become almost a cliché call to arms for builders looking expand their horizons.

    Some builders have embraced that concept while others have stayed with their water-only focus. Some see it as a way to elevate their bottom lines and reputations, while others believe it's better to spend their time doing what they already...

  • World Aquatic Health Conference Sets New Attendance Record

    by AQUA Editors November 2016

    The 13th-annual World Aquatic Health Conference, hosted by NSPF in Nashville, Tenn., drew a record number of attendees at its recent conference. The conference, held October 19 to 21 in Nashville, Tenn., welcomed 412 attendees, including 158 first-timers. Attendees included representatives from aquatic facilities, service providers, consultant companies, parks and recreation, water parks, manufacturers, academia, associations, builders,...

  • PSP Expo 2016: Show Highlights

    by Cailley Hammel November 2016

    Last week, pool and spa pros from all over the country came together at the annual PSP Expo, which returned to New Orleans for the first time since 2012. In-between bites of gumbo and sips of hurricanes, attendees enjoyed a bustling show floor, a well-rounded assortment of classes...

  • CYA, pH, and Pool Water Treatment Realities

    by Kim Skinner November 2016

    For at least 40 years, many pool service companies have been successfully maintaining their residential pools on a once-a-week visitation basis. Empirical evidence has shown that pool water can be kept safe and properly sanitized without harmful bacteria and algae developing with weekly treatment programs. (An important and often unrecognized side benefit of this professional pool service is that it keeps hazardous chemicals out of the hands of pool owners and their children.)


  • In This Project, a Wall Takes the Cake

    by AQUA Editors November 2016

    As anyone in this industry can attest, quite often, it's a seemingly basic request that can serve as a...

  • New Overtime Law In Limbo

    by AQUA Editors November 2016

    New regulations from the Obama administration requiring companies to dramatically expand overtime pay remain in legislative limbo, likely pending results of the upcoming national election.

    The new rules (detailed below) were announced in May of this year, and originally set to go into effect December 1. The U.S. House of Representatives, however, passed a bill on September 29, which would delay implementation until the summer of 2017.

    It is likely the ultimate fate of the...

  • Meet the Young Professionals of the Year

    by AQUA Editors November 2016

    In addition to the Awards of Excellence, APSP doles out an array of individual awards for the people who aspire to better the pool and spa profession. Here, we share the recipients of this year's Young Professionals of the Year Award, which recognizes forward-thinking leaders under the age of 40 who will be the voice of the next generation of pool, spa and hot tub professionals.


  • 'Why Am I at Fault?'

    by Ray Arouesty October 2016

    It happens all the time: a pool ladder breaks, causing an injury; someone drowns while swimming; a person slips on the steps while entering a pool. No matter how it happens, the result is the same: a claim or lawsuit against the pool service technician. When this happens, I'm always asked...