• Natural Wonders

    by Karen Erstad January 2006

    Marble and limestone have been used for centuries to create some of the most amazing pieces of architecture known to humankind. A limestone aqueduct built by the Assyrians around 691 B.C. brought fresh water to the city of Nineveh. Ancient Greeks used marble and limestone to build the Parthenon and many other structures at the Acropolis in Athens. The Romans also used...

  • Think Big

    by Elissa Sard Pollock January 2006

    What's bigger than Texas. How about the Canadian Rockies. In Texas. That defines big. In the imagination of one Dallas penthouse owner, they came together in a, well, big way. The main body of water is only 20 feet long, but it's part of a 10,000-square-foot entertainment area on the 18th floor of a Dallas high-rise.

    Craig Cameron of Natural Water Environments...

  • Infinite Family Fun

    by Karen Erstad January 2006

    Built to take advantage of the grade differential in this backyard, the vanishing-edge pool and 360-degree infinite-edge spa certainly allow the homeowners to enjoy views of the Costa Mesa Country Club golf course.

    "The raised walls of the pool work out great, too, because they provide a lot of seating," says builder Randy Beard, owner of Pure Water...

  • Solid As A Rock

    by Karen Erstad November 2005

    There was no one here in the Midwest that said it could be done," says Scott Pearce, talking about this pool and spa in Rapids City, Ill., that was built into a 140-foot cliff overlooking the Mississippi River. "But we knew it could be done. It's just a matter of cost, a matter of some engineering and overbuilding the structure," adds Pearce, president...

  • Designing Woman

    by Virginia DeMoss September 2005

    Melanie Mackenzie attended her first AQUA Show in 2004, drawn by Genesis 3 Design Group sessions and the design/build pavilion on the show floor. A self-described "convert," Mackenzie, known also by her maiden name, Melanie Jauregui, says she'll be back to gain education and inspiration.

    "As a water-shaper, people like Janet Lennox Moyer and Anthony...

  • Pool Sales The Wise Way, Part I

    by Merry Wise August 2005

    Successfully selling a swimming pool starts long before your prospective pool owner even darkens your door. Just like any other effective operation, pool sales can be broken down into steps. Developing an organized method for sales success rather than randomly scampering after leads will guarantee you higher sales volume, higher profit and better use of your time. You can sell pools the easy way or the hard way. Selling the easy way is more fun and much more...

  • Fine Redesign

    by Karen Erstad August 2005

    Since the Internet is quickly becoming the Yellow Pages of the 21st century, it may be time to invest some serious dollars in your Web site. Instead of hiring your cousin's friend's 14-year-old who does some Web work on weekends, you may want to hire a professional Web site designer. But how do you choose the person who will create this all-important Web presence? And...

  • Energize Your Ads

    by Phillip M. Perry August 2005

    "It pays to advertise." No one disputes that old chestnut. Even so, it's all too easy to place an ad and wait for throngs of new customers to crowd your store . . . only to be disappointed when your registers don't ring a merry tune.

    Fact is, some ads work and some don't. How can you improve the odds that your ads end up in the first group. Use these...

  • Fiberglass 911

    by Becky Strauss August 2005

    If anything can go wrong, it will." So says the first and most famous of Murphy's Laws, the one that any business professional is familiar with. In the world of pool installation, stopping problems before they start can be a matter of making wise choices before you begin. Each type of installation presents a unique set of issues for both builder and customer, but...

  • Growing Profit Centers

    by Kirstin Pires July 2005

    It's not that big of a leap to expand your business from selling, installing and servicing swimming pools to selling, installing and servicing ponds and water gardens. Similarly, the difference between retailing pool and spa supplies and pond and water garden supplies is minimal. Pumps, skimmers, circulation — there are more similarities than there are differences...