• Custom Spas in California's Coachella Valley

    by Barrett Kilmer March 2008

     Southern California's Coachella Valley is a heavily irrigated area in the northern part of the Colorado Desert, bounded on the west by the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains and on the east by the Little San Bernardinos. It's home to nine small-but-growing communities, all with populations of less than 100,000, and to Teserra, a custom pool and spa builder in the city of...

  • Troubleshooting pool leaks

    by Scott Webb March 2008

     Rarely does a leak pose a serious threat to a pool - it does not command the attention of a broken pump or even a clogged filter-but it can be an annoying and persistent burglar of water and chemicals, and if allowed to linger it may invite other, more serious offenders such as algae and structural damage to the homeowner's backyard.

    There's the sense of...

  • Custom pool and aquarium project in Florence, Ky.

    by Jenna Danninger March 2008

     When Bob Shehan, vice president of Shehan Pools in Florence, Ky., was asked to build the pool for a home featured in Cincinnati's 2007 Homearama home show, the home builder told him: "We've got a really small lot. We've got about 30 feet from the back of the house and then it kind of drops off. I'd like for you to come up and design something for me that's...

  • Pool and spa safety regulations could mean more visits from building inspector

    by Kirstin Pires March 2008

    Photo of Kirstin PiresDo you even know who he or she is? If you're a pool builder and have been enjoying relatively little oversight from state or local government, you might want to spend some quality time with the newest ANSI/APSP standards.

    With the passage of The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007, there's more incentive than ever for states...

  • Learning how to incorporate vanishing edges into a pool and spa project

    by Kirstin Pires March 2008

    There was a time when a simple vanishing-edge detail set a pool far above its continuously coped peers. But these days, sophisticated customers know good design, and builders won't keep their well-informed clientele if they take the "Sell 'em one of everything!" approach to edge details.

    Adorning a vanishing edge is tricky business, but when done...

  • Industry reacts positively to pool pump legislation

    by Scott Webb March 2008

     It's time to call it what it is - a full-fledged revolution in pool plumbing.

    When we last wrote about lowspeed pumping, it was a story about early adopters and onerous regulation. Just a year later, it's a story of how an entire industry has come to view pool water circulation from a completely different vantage point.

    Lowering system resistance by...

  • Negotiation tactics in business

    by Michael Lee March 2008

    Did you ever notice that some people just seem to have to negotiate every transaction - big or small? You might even tell them that the price of your product or service isn't negotiable and yet they persist. Why don't they get it?

    The answer is simply "cultural differences." There are two types of countries in the world - negotiating and non-negotiating. The United States is a non-negotiating country where we only regularly bargain over large purchases such as cars and...

  • Beautiful vinyl-liner pool projects

    by Jenna Danninger March 2008

     Forget Botox. Package pools are getting a facelift without the injections and expensive procedures. With the all-new look of package pools amounting to an "extreme makeover," it's sure to turn heads and raise curiosity.

    "It's coming down to aesthetics," says Phil Della Pietro, director of construction at the Pool and Spa Doctor in Wall...

  • Pool and spa project in Castle Rock, Colo.

    by Jenna Danninger March 2008

    When Hydro-Dynamic Services was asked by the publisher of a local architecture and design magazine to design a waterscape to match her contemporary- styled home in Castle Rock, Colo., “We proposed a pool/spa with clean lines, multiple levels and dramatic water effects,” says member Dave Bryant.

    The project features an elevated “mirror box” spa, a pool with an infinity...

  • Prairie Style

    by Karen Erstad September 2007


    Set on a 150-acre estate overlooking a prairie, this poolscape in Hampton, Minn., is as tranquil as the natural scene around it. And that was the goal, says Jerry Kalin, owner of Olympic Pools in nearby Shakopee. "They wanted something that looked more like a pond than a traditional pool," adds Kalin. "They told the landscape architect they...